Jeans with a low rise and 5 more things that can ruin even the most ideal figure

It’s time to finally throw out clothes that were once at the peak of popularity, and now only visually spoil the figure.

Low rise jeans

Everyone has a different attitude to low-waisted jeans: for some they remain a nostalgic “hello” from the 2000s, while others say with confidence that low-rise jeans are the worst thing that was in fashion of this time. Of course, this model of jeans significantly spoils the figure – it visually makes the body longer than the legs and gives out extra pounds in the waist area. Therefore, we recommend replacing low-rise jeans with the trends of the coming fall: bell-bottoms, culottes or classic straight-cut jeans.

Extra long top or T-shirt

This summer, the crop top replaced the classic T-shirt, so it doesn’t make sense to pull it almost to the knees or buy an elongated T-shirt. This technique came back to us from the 2000s, but this does not mean that in 2020 we should adhere to strange methods of wearing tops – it’s time to get rid of not only unnecessary things, but also ridiculous combinations. The habit of wearing long tops or T-shirts over jeans or leggings visually spoils the figure: thin fabric emphasizes imperfections, and an elongated model significantly increases the torso.

Clothes one size smaller

Clothes that are inappropriate in size visually make you look larger and emphasize all even the smallest figure flaws. Therefore, it makes no sense to store the dress in case “I will definitely lose weight by the next season”. Firstly, trends will change, and secondly, you will definitely not get pleasure from these clothes throughout the year. It is better to pay attention to clothes that fit perfectly on the figure or oversize – however, they also need to be worn correctly: do not wear two oversized things at once, otherwise there is a risk of turning into a shapeless ball without hips and waist.

Fine knit cardigan

A fitted cut, thin knitwear and small buttons – ten years ago, such cardigans were worn with skinny jeans and a strict shirt. Such a cardigan visually made the figure disproportionate and hid the waist. It should be admitted that he did not make the image more beautiful either, on the contrary, he forgave. Fortunately, for several seasons in a row absolutely different models have become relevant – a knitted, voluminous, cropped cardigan – a real must-have not only in spring, but also in autumn.

Ballerinas with a business suit

A few years ago, ballet flats were an indispensable shoe, but now many people prefer mules or stylish loafers. But what you should definitely not wear ballet shoes with is a strict office suit: this combination will add a few extra non-existent kilograms to you, and visually make your legs shorter.

Short dress ankle boots

Ankle boots are indispensable, but at the same time very tricky shoes: in summer, in cool weather, stylists suggest wearing them with denim shorts, and in autumn with thick black tights and oversized knitted dresses. However, the combination of a dress up to the middle of the knee or a mini-skirt with ankle boots looks completely imperfect – the shoes visually “cut” the legs and make the figure squat and disproportionate.

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