Jenifer at the top of the trend with her wavy bob (We love it!)

Followed by 818,000 Internet users on Instagram, Jenifer regularly shares moments of her professional and personal life, in particular its most beautiful beauty. A few weeks ago, for example, she displayed her new way of styling her long bob (which she also revealed naturally during confinement). Jenifer revealed herself sublime without makeup also on the Web (a cliché that greatly pleased her community). More recently still, the interpreter of How it’s good shared a snap that is both trendy and sexy. Jenifer in a hot bra and mini-shorts, with sunglasses on the nose, tanned complexion and long wavy bob: a faultless! The shot in question passed 32,000 likes and received a lot of comment: “You are beautiful”, “Too beautiful”, “Class”, “Canon”, can we read.

Jenifer faithful to the long bob: she opts for a wavy effect

Adopted by many stars, such as Clara Morgane, passing by Laura Smet, Vitaa at the top of the trend with her hairstyle, or Sylvie Tellier, the long square is a safe bet for those who want to refresh their lengths (without cutting too much). A haircut totally validated by Jenifer, who wears it sometimes smooth sometimes wavy, as on this shot in question. “Wavy”, kézako? This term comes from the English word “wave”, which means “vague” in French. In other words: this word describes these hair ripples more or less marked, which give a look both cool and classy, ​​thanks to a perfectly mastered combed-up effect. In addition, this hairstyle adapts to all situations! It can be worn perfectly with a summer outfit like denim shorts and a crop top (as Jenifer does here) than with a more sophisticated evening outfit. We love ! And you what do you think ?

See Jenifer canon with her trendy bob

Jenifer, sublime with a plunging neckline and top cut of the moment

Jenifer canon, she appears without makeup (sublime!)

Jenifer dares the star print this summer and it’s hot (do you like it?)


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