Jonathan Anderson has created the coolest shopping bags ever

Jonathan Anderson manages to release such cool tote bags every season that despite the fact that the last one has not yet worn out, you already want to buy a new one. For the fall season, the first of which are starting to hit the market, we can’t resist the felt tote, which we first saw at the JW Anderson men’s fall / winter show.

Judging by the fact that in the coming months all our movements will be limited to grocery shopping and trips to country residences, without such a bag anywhere. And the soft and cozy felt reminding us of felt boots adds a sense of relevance to the bag in the current situation.

The totes with the recognizable JW anchor logo were available in four different colors: red, gray, brown and blue. So we see photos of gastronomic delights and bouquets of flowers sticking out of them in all instagram fashionistas. The issue price is only 33,863 rubles. You can order a bag on the brand’s website.


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