Juan Carlos: Spain’s ex-king goes into exile

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This news from the Spanish royal family is a bang: Juan Carlos, 82, leaves the Zarzuela Palace in Madrid and moves abroad.

Juan Carlos: Where is he moving to?

The nobleman announced his decision in an official letter to his son, King Felipe, 52. “Your Majesty, dear Felipe, with the same zeal to serve Spain that inspired my rule and, given the public impact that certain past events have on my private life, I would like to express to you my full willingness Facilitate the exercise of your functions, “wrote Juan Carlos, announcing:” At this moment I am moving far away from Spain “. He didn’t say where he was going.

Letizia + Felipe

The Spanish royals defy the corona crisis

Queen Letizia and King Felipe of course adhere to the safety regulations during the visit to the emergency room and wear both face mask and gloves.

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He is bribed for $ 100 million

The “certain past events” he speaks of are his possible involvement in a financial scandal. The Spanish and Swiss judiciary are investigating bribes that the Spaniard is said to have received in connection with the construction of a high-speed rail line in Saudi Arabia. In 2008, he is said to have received $ 100 million into a Swiss account for his mediation from the Saudi Arabian royal family.

We have summarized the financial scandal for you here:

Bang in Spain

King Felipe waived his legacy of millions

He spared King Felipe a difficult decision

With this step, the 82-year-old saves his son a difficult decision. King Felipe had already distanced himself from his father in March. At that time, Queen Letizia’s husband, 47, announced that, “to preserve the example of the crown,” he would forego his father’s financial legacy. In addition, he canceled his annual appanage of 194,000 euros. Juan Carlos has had no public appointments since last year. Queen Sofia’s husband, 81, had given the crown to Felipe in 2014.

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Source used: Twitter, FAZ


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