Karine Ferri: lovely with a stiff brushing and trendy coloring

With more than 653,000 subscribers on Instagram, Karine Ferri is a very present public figure on the famous social network. She regularly publishes content, very often professional but also personal, especially in recent weeks. The native of Suresnes has indeed given himself a sunny break (well deserved after these months of confinement!) And multiplies the publications glamours on the Web. Recently, for example, the brunette beauty has revealed herself sexier than ever with a pretty low-cut swimsuit and a voluminous hairstyle, by the sea. Even more recently (yesterday, Monday August 10), the brunette beauty exchanged her “ wavy hair ”against a very nice stiff brushing. A smoothing that highlights its ultra trendy coloring : it is a very light ombre blonde hair (its lengths and ends are slightly lighter than its roots). A hair look that she wears wonderfully and that brings a touch of light to her tanned complexion!

Karine Ferri sublime with straight hair and blonde ombre hair: how to maintain it in summer?

Summer rhymes with sun, and sun and hair color don’t always go hand in hand (provided that we adopt the right actions to protect our hair)! First rule to take into account during the summer period: protect your hair from the sun, as we do with our skin! How? ‘Or’ What ? By adopting a special colored hair hair routine, preferably without sulfates. Second tip: bet on shampoos and treatments reflections correctors (very important in summer!). Finally, take your hat everywhere with you, especially if you plan to expose yourself to the sun during the afternoon, during the hottest hours. It’s your turn !



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