Karine Ferri shares an old photo of her with ultra-smooth hair and a trendy make-up (Do you like it?)

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Karine Ferri canon: she posts an old photo of her

Karine Ferri shares many pictures with his fans on his Instagram account. One of the latest publications shows her in portrait mode, more sublime than ever. But the beauty does not stop there, since she also posts photos of her on vacation, in long, low-cut dress with original print for example, or in spaghetti strap beach dress… She is making the most of her summer vacation! A season that gives him the opportunity to show off her slim and gorgeous body in a high waisted swimsuit. Karine Ferri dares too the white bikini and the ultra-low-cut one-piece swimsuit on a boat. She dazzles her community. The beautiful presenter also dares hot hairstyles for the summer season, like when she poses with glamorous curls on the beach, or when she straightens her hair to highlight her balayage for brown hair. She even dares todisplay without makeup to reveal her natural beauty and tanned complexion. Gorgeous !

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Karine Ferri took part in the challenge which is currently being talked about on the networks: the #womensupportwomen Challenge. The goal ? Encourage female solidarity and strong women of all nationalities. Thus, public figures like Cristina Cordula or Eva Longoria have already participated in this challenge which highlights women. How to participate ? Just do like Karine Ferri and post a black and white photo of yourself with the hashtag #womensupportwomen. The bubbly brunette even added a beautiful caption message: “To all the women in my life who taught me to be strong, to love, to move forward, to fight and to surpass myself. And of course to you mom. My best example.”

In addition to carrying a strong and inspiring message, Karine Ferri is simply magnificent. On the picture, it displays a nice trendy gradient. A haircut that she no longer has today, but that looked great on her. It also sports a canon and fresh make-up thanks to that glossy mouth ! You like ?

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