Karine Le Marchand: cut of the moment and ultra-bright smile, she is a sensation

The presenter of Love is in the meadow posted a new snapshot on her Instagram account, on which she flaunts her gorgeous long square cut smooth and supple: one hairstyle which has the wind in its sails this year. Cut just below the shoulders, the one also called the “lob” is as feminine as it is glamorous. Many celebrities such as Jenifer sublime with the cut of the moment, Passing by Vitaa who dares in multiple ways to style her hair or even Clara Morgane they also adopted it. Make-up level, the native of Nancy wears, as usual, a discreet beauty treatment, with a eye makeup more worked with dark eyeshadows. Aged 51, Karine Le Marchand is bubbly and respects the make-up rule which says that it is preferable not to overload her complexion and her mouth, when the eyes are already well highlighted. And with such a bright, communicative smile, what’s the point of dwelling on makeup, right?

Sparkling Karine Le Marchand: her fans love it

Followed by more than 466,000 Internet users on Instagram, Karine Le Marchand regularly shares photos and videos of her daily life (personal and professional). With the publication of this recent shot (on which she displays her sublime long square), the famous television host has collected a rain of likes and comments. His fans have been numerous to comment on his legend: “I entered through the back door of RTL in 2014 thanks to Laurent Ruquier, who allowed me to become Une Grosse Tête. I discovered a warm family of artists, authors, journalists and technicians. Today I’m lucky to have my show, with a friend by my side who makes me scream with laughter and whom I admire, Laurent Baffie. I immediately asked to work with him and he accepted without hesitation. He the cynical pessimist, I resolutely optimistic, with our guests and listeners, we will laugh and learn from our worldviews. And as with Laurent, “we no longer answer for anything”, the title has become obvious! Rv at the start of the school year every Saturday at 10am! ” she wrote under her new post. “Congratulations”, “Looking forward to hearing from you”, “What a beauty” can we read among the comments. What do you think ?” target=”_blank”>

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