Kate Moss, Hayley Bieber and other stars who know how to dress coolly without the help of stylists

An innate sense of style or years of training: celebrities who are in charge of their everyday and evening looks themselves and do it perfectly well.

Kim Kardashian



In the early 2000s, Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe almost entirely consisted of short baby doll dresses, mini-skirts and tops with revealing necklines, however, with the appearance in the life of the TV star rapper Kanye West, who is not only fond of fashion, but also works on his own brand. her style has changed for the better. The girl admitted that immediately after the start of the novel, the future husband forced her to throw out half of her clothes and replaced them with elegant outfits from Givenchy, Balmain, Versace and Alexander McQueen. Since then, Kim Kardashian has never used the services of professional stylists, relying on her husband’s taste in everything, and this has borne fruit: now, after important social events, she regularly enters the lists of the most stylish stars and becomes a muse for famous designers.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively

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Just like her character from the TV series “Gossip Girl”, Blake Lively has an impeccable sense of style, femininity and elegance. The actress leads a rather closed lifestyle and rarely appears at stellar events, so she prefers to choose outfits for the red carpets herself, without the help of stylists. She says that she loves fashion very much and is well versed in modern trends, so she thinks over images not only for herself, but also for her friends. Floor-length dresses, off-shoulder jackets, palazzo trousers and flawless coats in her wardrobe are combined with simple jeans, oversized sweaters and dresses in neon shades, and each of these outfits favorably emphasizes the personality of the actress and makes her a real fashion icon of our time. “I love clothes and I don’t see the point in hiring a stylist. After all, he will receive a salary for depriving me of my hobby, ” – Blake declares and is not going to deviate from his credo.

Kate Moss

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Supermodel Kate Moss admits that she hates overly complex images, from which she gets tired during work, therefore, in everyday life she strives for laconicism. She calls her favorite things jeans, plain T-shirts, oversized jackets, leather jackets and hats, and in casual outfits she appears not only on the streets of the city, but also at parties. But even her haters cannot blame Kate Moss for the monotony: despite the fact that the model knows exactly what clothes she will look perfect in, she is not afraid of bold decisions, therefore she often experiments with unusual styles, accessories and prints – her beloved throughout a predatory leopard has remained for many years.

Hayley Bieber



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Delicate polka-dot dresses, classic jeans and sweatshirts from her boyfriend’s wardrobe – Hailey Bieber knew from childhood that she wanted to become a model, so instead of fairy tales about princesses and dragons, she read glossy magazines and studied how the styles of different historical eras differ. In her looks, she combines femininity and elements of sporty aesthetics, spicing it all up with an endless love of accessories: pendants, bracelets, chains, massive hoop earrings and voluminous hair bands in the style of the 2000s. Hailey Bieber does not seek help from stylists and dresses the way she wants herself: today she can appear in public in a suit with a miniskirt, tomorrow she can go for a walk with her husband in jeans and a T-shirt, and wear a dress made from recycled materials to a party, serving to millions of fans around the world an example of an ethical attitude towards fashion.

Dita von Teese



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Dancer and model Dita von Teese is known not only for her flamboyant performances, but also for her unique looks, for which she looks for inspiration by looking through vintage photographs and pin-up paintings. The celebrity gives her preference to sheath dresses, corsets, bell skirts, high gloves, fitted jackets and high-heeled shoes, and by nature has dyed blonde hair in a charcoal black shade for many years. The model admits that any girl can look perfect without the help of a stylist, but this requires not just imitating other icons, but looking for her individuality, without looking at fleeting trends.

Ashley Graham



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Plus-size model Ashley Graham also decided to refuse the services of stylists, because each of them tried to forbid her from wearing things that, in their opinion, look bad on girls with a curvy figure. The celebrity herself says that she is proud of her non-standard appearance, which brought her to the covers of the best glossy magazines. Ashley Graham can appear in public in a tight dress, in jeans of the tabernacle, and in a short skirt, not tired of repeating that the main decoration of a woman is her self-confidence, and not expensive outfits.

Tilda Swinton

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Tilda Swinton admits that her love of fashion woke up in her as a teenager, when she was forced to wear a boring school uniform every day and come up with stylish looks that would emphasize her individuality. Now the actress, who has a unique androgynous appearance, is called the main aristocrat of Hollywood – for her impeccable taste and love of minimalism. A star is rarely seen in elaborate evening dresses: for formal events, she chooses colored trouser suits, midi skirts and closed blouses, combining them with unusual details and shoes with heels, and says that in everyday life she can wear any clothes at all, the main thing is that she was clean, and trends are already secondary.



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