Katie Holmes points to the favorite sandals of fashion specifiers

Regarding flip flops trends are disparate and abundant, flatforms, the square tip, the bracelet, the wrap… Many are the models that succeed in 2020 (and that promise to continue doing so in the coming months). However, if there is a specific shoe that has earned the position of absolute favorite of the celebrities and style prescribers are, as we have already stated in this article, the flip flops thong.

The main reason for the success of such footwear is due, as we have ventured on other occasions, to the inspiration of the fashion industry in the decade of the 90’s for his latest collections and the obsession of celebrities Gen Z as Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner The Kaia Gerber for said decade, which is evident in his looks. This has also caused 90s inspiration triumphs on social media. And is that accounts like @ 90sanxiety, @velvetcoke or @ 90ssclassy collect millions of followers on Instagram thanks to their publications of the time (stills from series and movies like Friends The Ghost, Pictures of celebrities how Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon The Julia Roberts sporting the trends of the decade …) So, it is not surprising that the flip flops thong, characterized by being kind flip flop but with heel and that inevitably recall the 90s (celebrities how Gwyneth Paltrow The Jennifer Aniston wore them), become one of the most powerful trends of the year.

This time Katie Holmes was photographed on the streets of New York sporting a look composed of a dress midi of check print and sandals thong in beige tone. A simple style that the actress reinforced with special footwear. And is that the sandals thong have the power to give any style a spin providing a different touch.

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Thong or flip flop sandals in black

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The black and very 90s sandals that are in all stores are called “thong sandals”

They triumphed last year thanks to firms such as Tôteme but this summer 2020 they are consolidated as the black sandals of ‘minimal’ design most emulated by fashion firms

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  • The black and very 90s sandals that are in all stores are called “thong sandals”

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