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Keratin straightening of chemically depleted or heat-burned hair is a revolutionary technology that allows you to quickly and safely restore the beauty of curls. After the procedure with the use of keratin composition, the hair becomes luxurious, smooth and healthy, acquires a natural shine.

Brazilian hair straightening is a real boon for busy contemporaries. It helps to save precious time in the morning without wasting it on styling your hair.

The essence of the procedure

The keratin straightening procedure is performed using natural protein – a component of the hair. It consists of simple amino acids that fill 75-96% of the rods. The element of the structure of the strands – keratin, as scientists have found, determines the shape of the curls, which can be straight or curly.

The essence of hair straightening with keratin is the simultaneous straightening of the strands and associated care. During the procedure, the therapeutic composition of the products saturates the rods with liquid protein and a set of vital substances – vitamins and minerals, natural extracts and biopolymer materials. As a result of this care, even naughty curls become smooth and silky.

Benefits and nuances

Healthy curls with a natural shine, due to the frequent use of thermal devices, the influence of temperature changes in various weather conditions, wearing hats and berets, deficiency of vitamins and minerals, as well as aggressive dyeing and permanent curling, acquire an unsightly look.

Brazilian hair straightening is a procedure that helps not only to straighten the strands and make the hairstyle stylish and beautiful, but also to restore the structure of the curls from the inside, saturate them with vitality. The indications for the use of this method include:

  • thick, curly, naturally coarse hair that does not lend itself to natural styling;
  • dull strands that have turned into a kind of tow due to frequent use of a hair dryer and styler, perm or dyeing.

The benefits of Brazilian and American keratin hair straightening are identical:

  1. Neat and smooth strands are formed with normal brushing and do not respond to weather changes, remaining even and shiny.
  2. No additional manipulation is required to keep the hair manageable and beautiful. The effect lasts for 3-6 months.
  3. Keratin provides reliable protection of strands from the sun, dirt, dust and exhaust gases from the air of many cities, preventing them from getting inside.
  4. Keratin hair straightening eliminates damage to the ends and scales.
  5. There is no electrification problem, the curls lie flat and do not fluff.
  6. Dyed hair retains its color and only some formulations are capable of making the shade a tone and a half lighter.
  7. Strands enriched with keratin do not require the use of an iron, fixing gels and varnishes for a long time.
  8. A correction that helps maintain straight strands is much faster than the original procedure. Its cost is also significantly lower than the price of the main session.

These advantages of keratin hair straightening will be able to appreciate the owners of any type of hair, except for thinned and brittle, the volume of which can be significantly affected after smoothing. However, there are nuances:

  1. For long and medium curls, keratin hair straightening is performed most often.
  2. Natural goat or vegetable keratin may not straighten African curls or hair after permanent curling. It will need to be repeated or a stronger chemical preservative applied.
  3. For short hair, keratin straightening is performed only in cases where their length exceeds 10 cm.This is due to safety: keratin pairs should be at a distance of at least 2 cm from the scalp.
  4. The technique of keratin straightening hair, cut in the style of a bob or bob-bob, provides that in the trimmed area, the strands are not processed if their length is less than 8-10 cm. Otherwise, when pulled with a hot styler, there is a risk of getting a skin burn.
  5. Owners of fine hair should consult a professional. If the strands filled with keratin create density, tighten the hairstyle without significant loss of volume, then you can try the American, more gentle method of alignment.

Harm and disadvantages

Of the minuses of keratin hair straightening, users note:

  • weighting the strands. Long curls in this case begin to lose the rods;
  • frequent contamination and loss of volume. At the same time, you should not wash your hair too often, since the straightening effect will quickly disappear. It is better to wait for the hair to adapt;
  • the need to be present in the cabin for 3-5 hours, breathe harmful vapors. Some women complain of shortness of breath, tears, and allergic reactions.

Synthetic counterparts on supermarket shelves contain a little keratin and a lot of preservatives. Is the use of cheap analogs useful? This is fraught with excision of the ends of the hair and further destruction. Quality keratin, derived from sheep or goat six, is a valuable organic product, so it costs a lot. Only specialized salons that have received a license from the manufacturer can work with natural formulations.

If hair restoration is required to be combined with smoothing, then it is better to use natural products without harmful components – formaldehyde derivatives. In cases where healthy hair just needs to be smoothed, then you can resort to a preparation containing a chemical preservative – formalin.

Does keratin straightening spoil hair? When using low-quality formulations or violation of the process technology from high temperature, the tips can be cut, which will cause the gradual destruction of the structure of the curls and their loss.

Dangerous keratin hair straightening for pregnant women and nursing mothers. The composition contains methylene glycol, which at high temperatures releases formaldehyde – a toxic substance that can harm the eyes. If in a normal state a person easily tolerates the influence of a small concentration of a harmful product, then a weakened organism may develop allergies or negative reactions.

Other contraindications for keratin hair straightening:

  • scalp injuries – wounds, scratches, abrasions or burns, as well as other dermatological diseases;
  • oncological problems;
  • intense hair loss, including symptoms of malfunctioning of the endocrine system. Straightening strands makes them denser and heavier, which can lead to additional loss of rods.


Straightening with keratin composition is a unique procedure that allows you to straighten curls even after permanent curling. The types of keratin hair straightening include:

  • Brazilian way. It has a long-lasting effect due to the presence of formaldehyde in the composition. The substance is aggressive but gives long lasting results. After the procedure, it may take 5 months before a correction is required;
  • American method. There is no formaldehyde in the keratin composition that fills the strands with vitality, so there is no harm from this method of keratin hair straightening. But such a hairstyle lasts no more than 2-3 months, then a correction is needed.

Procedure and cost

carrying out the procedure of keratin hair straightening

Stages of keratin hair straightening:

  1. Washing your hair with deep cleaning shampoo. Masters pay special attention to this nuance. This tool allows you to open the structure of the hairs, separate each flake in order to eliminate any pollution. If you thoroughly wash your hair before keratin straightening, then keratin molecules easily penetrate inside and fill all cavities. Insufficient cleaning of the strands will nullify all efforts.
  2. Drying and brushing.
  3. Liquid keratin treatment of all strands with an indent of 2 cm from the skin.
  4. Light hair drying with a hairdryer.
  5. Sealing keratin with the powerful 230 ° C styler.
  6. Washing off the active composition from the curls.
  7. Drying and styling.

Keratin hair straightening is done according to the Brazilian version for about 3-5 hours.

The cost of the same technology can vary significantly depending on the salon, city and other factors. American way:

  • short strands – 5 thousand rubles;
  • bangs – 2 thousand rubles;
  • curls to the shoulders – 6 thousand rubles;
  • hair below the shoulder blades – 7-8 thousand rubles;
  • curls to the waist and below – about 10 thousand rubles.


Prices for Brazilian hair straightening are on average:

  • short – 3 thousand rubles;
  • medium – 4-5 thousand rubles;
  • long – 6-7 thousand rubles.

These prices are current for February 2019.

Duration of effect and frequency of the procedure

According to professionals, the effect of keratin hair straightening lasts an average of 3-4 months. Occasionally, the result can reach six months. This period depends on the condition of the strands before the procedure and the quality of hair care after it. How often can keratin hair straightening be done? To achieve maximum results – without waiting for the disappearance of the effect.

Follow-up hair care

The completion of the process of keratinization of the strands occurs within 2-3 days. During this period, the masters advise:

  • do not visit the bathhouse, pool or sauna, protect the strands from rain and any moisture, since there is a high risk of washing off the keratin straightening, in the future, it is necessary to use sulfate-free shampoo and the same masks for hair;
  • do not perform mechanical actions with the hairdo – tie tails, use hairpins, elastic bands, clips, invisibility, hoops, sunglasses;
  • do not dye the strands after the procedure for 14 days. It is best to do this 2 weeks before keratin hair straightening to make it look more attractive.

Regular shampoo has a negative effect on hair and can noticeably ruin keratin straightening.

Home keratinization of curls does not justify itself, since the cost of professional formulations practically coincides with the price tag for the procedure in the salon. In this case, the effect of going to the master lasts 2.5-3 times longer.


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