Knitted vests are the main purchase this fall: 9 stylish options for every occasion

This season, knitted vests in the style of school uniforms will return to fashion, which are now associated not with math problems, but with impeccable images.

We can safely say that it was vests that have become one of the main wardrobe items of the last few seasons: if last year the attention of all street style stars and fashion bloggers was focused on oversized suits made of suiting, then with the onset of the first cold weather they switched to more practical ones. but from this no less stylish options – knitted from fine wool. In addition to the association with pictures from the family album of the 80s of the last century, they definitely remind of the school uniform, which everyone previously simply hated and then loved.

You can wear spacious knitted vests in both business and casual wardrobe. When heading to an important meeting, pair them with white shirts or silk blouses in pastel shades, and at any other time wear them with T-shirts or just on a naked body instead of a top. In a modern wardrobe, they will look cool not only with straight trousers and strict pencil skirts: you do not need to complicate your life and put on what you feel not entirely comfortable in – even a casual tandem of boyfriend jeans and style boots will be ideal here military.

Equally relevant this season will be both monophonic vests and models with prints – an argyle cage, a houndstooth, a thin horizontal stripe and other fashionable patterns for autumn 2020. By the way, you can no longer be afraid to combine different patterns in one look: in a fashionable environment this technique has already received the special name mix & match – “mix and match” – and in the last few seasons has gained incredible popularity, so it’s time to try it out in practice.

This year, knitted vests have returned not only to everyday style, but also to the world of haute couture: on the catwalks of the main fashion shows, Lacoste, Marc Jacobs, Prada and many other brands presented their versions of this trend, which showed both classic models of gray, black and brown, as similar as possible to the Ivy League student uniform, and more daring options with neon lettering, prints and deep cutouts.

In warm and sunny weather, vests can be combined with silk skirts, jeans or palazzo trousers, and in cool weather they can be used to create multi-layered looks with jackets, cardigans, trench coats or sports windbreakers, to which a new wave of popularity has come this fall. By the way, some fashionistas have found another stylish way to wear vests – long oversized models, which can be found in men’s departments or vintage second-hand shops, will be an excellent alternative to a knitted dress and will look good with high boots or square-toed ankle boots.

Classic or modern style, bright colors or a muted palette: especially for everyone who does not want to get lost among the trends when going shopping, we have compiled our selection of knitted vests that will definitely become a must-have of an autumn wardrobe.


Dolce & Gabbana

Ralph Lauren

Dion Lee

Margiela House





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