Korean cosmetics: gold, pearl powder, horse fat and other most popular ingredients and their effect

Korean cosmetics are becoming more and more popular every day. And this is not surprising, because all these bright jars and products with unusual names really work. In Korea, women believe that instead of hiding blemishes with makeup, it is better to pay more attention to facial care and eliminate the problem completely. And we agree with them.

Of course, you need to choose a cosmetic product, focusing on the type of skin and its condition. All components in Korean cosmetics are selected so that together they complement each other and work even more efficiently. To understand the not always clear names and unusual components, it is worth studying the list of the most popular ingredients that can often be found in the names and formulas of Korean beauty jars.

Snail mucin – the oldest ingredient in cosmetics. Snail mucus is a complex mixture of proteins, glycolic acid and elastin, that is, a natural serum of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, immunomodulators, peptides, enzymes and essential cellular components that protect the skin from damage, infection and exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Swallow nests – a component that is actually obtained from the nests of swifts-swifters. They do not build their houses from branches, but use algae and shells, which they hold together with saliva. As a result, iodine, phosphorus, potassium and amino acids are combined in one nest. From this unique composition, an extract is obtained that effectively renews skin cells, making it elastic and tightened. Swallow’s nest extract is included in the top anti-aging components, so in Asia they even create whole farms for swifts to make more nests. The birds are not affected.

Snake poison. Cosmetics with him are very popular in Korea! In fact, this is a synthetic component, which is similar in structure to real viper venom. Its action is reminiscent of Botox injections. Cosmetics with snake venom smooth out wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones.

Galactomisis, or yeast – Fermented yeast contains peptides, amino acids and vitamins. Thanks to this, cosmetic care with the galactomisis enzyme triggers cell regeneration, fights pigmentation and acne, and also helps control the secretion of sebum, tightens pores and rejuvenates.

Fermented plants, their roots and fruits – with the help of lactobacilli, plant and fruit extracts begin to “ferment”, which increases their penetration and beneficial effect on the skin. As a result, a powerful antioxidant effect is achieved, skin tone is evened out, it becomes smooth and radiant.

Donkey’s milk. The ancient Egyptians, who loved to take baths from donkey milk, knew about its benefits. It contains over three hundred essential substances, including antioxidants, phospholipids and ceramides, so cosmetics with this component have a powerful anti-aging effect. Milk smoothes wrinkles, regenerates and improves skin micro-relief, and also stimulates the synthesis of its own collagen fibers, maintaining tissue elasticity. In addition, donkey milk enhances the protective functions of the skin and blocks the negative effects of free radicals.

Horse fat – a remedy that has long been used by Chinese healers in the fight against burns, wounds and other skin lesions. The nutritional properties of horse fat are ten times higher than the nutritional properties of vegetable oils. Due to this, cosmetics with such a component have a powerful moisturizing and regenerating effect, relieves inflammation, eliminates peeling, and also slows down the aging process.

1 – face mask with amino acids + fruit acids The Oozoo, 2 – multifunctional CC cream with Galactomisis Farm Stay enzyme, 3 – hydrogel eye patches with peptides and Koreatida pearl extract, 4 – serum with enzymes of bifidobacteria Graymelin, 5 – essence for skin around the eyes from wrinkles and darkening based on Whamisa flower enzymes

Pearl powder. To use this unique component for cosmetic purposes, freshwater pearls are specially grown. It is then ground into powder, which is essentially calcium carbonate. And already from the powder, pearl extract is isolated – a rejuvenating component that also effectively brightens age spots and freckles.

Lotus. In cosmetics, lotus extract is used to achieve an anti-inflammatory effect, antioxidant effect, improve blood circulation and stimulate the production of its own collagen.

aloe vera – a familiar to many herbal component that has a powerful antioxidant, moisturizing and healing effect.

Centella asiatica Is another herbal ingredient in Korean cosmetics that effectively nourishes, heals, restores and strengthens the skin of the face.

Gold – a jewel for the normalization of sebum secretion, moisture retention in skin cells and care for combination and oily skin. Gold also removes toxins and slows down the aging process.

AHA acids – glycolic, milk and apple – moisturize the skin well, and also gently exfoliate and accelerate the processes of cell renewal.

BHA acid (salicylic acid) – an active ingredient that effectively works with problem skin, relieves acne and has a powerful antibacterial effect. BHA is often found in AHA formulations.

Allantoin – heals wounds, burns, inflammations, and also relieves the skin from flaking and dryness.

Adenosine – heals wounds, heals scars and relieves inflammation.

Amino acids and peptides – normalize the natural production of collagen and elastin fibers, soothe irritations and inflammations, and prevent their appearance.

1 – Esthetic House swallow nest eye cream, 2 – SYN-AKE anti-aging peptide serum with snake venom, 3 – Origin Ma Cream with Elizavecca horse fat, 4 – softening face and body gel that improves elasticity with snail mucin SNP

Hyaluronic acid – intensely moisturizes, therefore it is included in most nutritional essences, creams, and other products.

Zinc or zinc oxide – cleanses, fights microbes, restores irritated and damaged skin, heals acne.

Coal – a component that can often be seen in the composition of products to combat acne, acne and oily skin, because it is coal that perfectly absorbs all impurities.

Niacin, or vitamin B3 – improves skin elasticity, heals and prevents acne, removes hyperpigmentation, prevents and reduces redness.

Retinoids – derivatives of vitamin A with anti-aging effect. Products with such components improve cell renewal, reduce expression and deep wrinkles, get rid of acne and tighten pores.


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