Kudzu: an ally to quit smoking

This plant from Asia, especially used in traditional Chinese medicine, can be of great help in cases of addiction. As part of smoking cessation, but also for sugar addicts, alcohol addicts …

Its root is used as a starch in cooking to thicken, and on the therapeutic side, we use the tuber of the root, the leaf and the flower as well. When you want to quit smoking, kudzu will serve as a substitute during smoking cessation.

How does kudzu work on tobacco addiction?

Very rich in antioxidants, it is the isoflavones that kudzu contains that have liver detoxification properties. For tobacco addiction, it is therefore a very good ally: it takes the place of nicotine in the brain. The receptors being occupied, nicotine can no longer cling to them.

The advantage with kudzu is that this plant works quickly, it is effective after a few days of treatment, and you quickly feel the benefits on the body.

This plant therefore allows you to get rid of addiction but not only. Indeed, the isoflavones it contains, protect cells against oxidative stress. The brain is “calmed”, so we do not have symptoms of withdrawal, irritability.

How to consume kudzu?

It is consumed in the form of tablets, which contain powder. It is found in organic stores, but also in pharmacies, some laboratory offers them.

The right dose? One capsule 3 times a day (morning, noon, and evening), with a large glass of water, preferably during meals. Then, we gradually reduce the intake, when we feel that the addiction is disappearing.

Also, to strengthen the relaxing effect, if you feel stressed while stopping smoking, you can combine valerian with your kudzu cure.

In case of hunger pangs or craving for a cigarette, cinnamon essential oil is effective: inhale the essence directly from the bottle, and the urge to rush for food or a cigarette should pass …

Good to know : there is a little bit of everything on the market when it comes to kudzu, before buying a box of tablets, check the kudzu content carefully. The more concentrated the tablet, the better the results! Ideally, you would need about 1 gram of kudzu per dose.

Thanks to Frédérique Cervoni, naturopath,



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