La Mer Brush, Charlotte Tilbury Palette and Larry King Cream

Lena – about an invaluable find for frizzy hair, a long-awaited brush and a purchase you could do without.

Flyaway With Me Kit: Disciplining Hair Cream & Anti-Fluff Brush, Larry King

I didn’t know anything about Larry King (the one who is a British hairdresser, not a talk show host) and his brand. I caught my eye on the “toothbrush” for hair, and I wanted it. (This is already a trend: last time I had Iconic London eyebrow soap in this way. Apparently, in order to sell me the product, you need to attach a toothbrush to it-)

It is wilted that the cream removes fluff and disciplines the hair, and if it is curly, it outlines the curls. Softens, adds shine … continue with the usual program. You can apply it along the entire length (then you must first warm it up between your palms, like Creme de La Mer), or you can only smooth the protruding antennas, as Larry does:

Of course, I read the reviews of happy users, but I did not expect the cream to be so cool. Even cooler than its name – Social Life for Your Hair. My hair, for example, wanted to sneeze on my social life. After 20 minutes after pulling with the comb and hairdryer, they puff and curl. And not evenly along the entire length, but somewhere in the middle, in some places – at the ends. As if I hadn’t been packing them. Enrages, I can’t find other words.

The cream (in fact, a thick balm) solved the problem by 95%. I dried my hair as usual, it straightened and did not curl back. A light fluff has survived, but quite light – cannot be compared with what it was. God save Larry King! I also noticed that with the cream, the hair is less susceptible to creases from elastic bands and clips. Even if you twist the bun for a while, and then get the hairpins, the hairstyle does not become curly. The styling is fixed once, the hair remembers it until the next wash and remains smooth.

By the way, did I say the cream smells amazing? Bergamot and lavender on a mossy woody base. A rare case when it is a pity that the fragrance disappears quickly.

Now as for the brush: for lovers of smooth hairstyles – yes, it will come in handy. For hairdressers and makeup artists, too, to correct the protruding hairs that the photographer complains about. The rest can be dispensed with. It is better to take a large tube of cream with a volume of 80 ml than a set with a brush, like mine. It has travel size, which is clearly not enough for a long and happy life.


Lipsticks Le Rouge Parfum, By Kilian

Matte Sacred Rouge

Satin Rouge Feu

To the six previous ones, 10 new shades have been added, and this is great. There should be more good lipsticks than red and even red. Now there are pink, berry, wine. I don’t know how you feel, but personally I am fed up with the classics. Take, for example, Sacred Rouge and Rouge Feu: both are red, but differ from the generally accepted standard and therefore look more interesting. A very noble combination – the pigment is bright and rich, and the shades are muted, not loud. With a light (auto) tan – the bomb, believe me.


Palette eyeshadow Luxury Palette of Pops, Charlotte Tilbury

Celestial Eyes

Pillow Talk

Limited edition. There are no matte and satin shadows, all four sectors are pressed sequins. If you don’t like it, go straight to the next item. And we, fans and connoisseurs of fireworks, we continue. Sequins sparkle more than they give a specific color. Therefore, the swatches look a little orphaned. But it is worth applying them to a base of cream or powdery shadows, or to a pencil – you can see complex play, duochrome and this whole holiday. (Celestial Eyes over Cream Sphinx, Tom Ford. Pillow Talk over Marie Antoinette, Charlotte Tilbury.)

And now about the bad news. In palettes from the regular assortment, glitter is more pleasant in texture. It’s a little dry here. The dark ones are best applied and distributed, the worst are golden-red (there is one such sector in each palette). I consider Pillow Talk to be a bad buy: the shadows from the top row look almost identical on the eyelids. But Celestial Eyes should be taken.


Powder Brush, La Mer

Do you have the tools that you added to the cart, wandered around the site, delaying the checkout – and then just left the online store? -) I did this with this brush 10 times. I thought what I would do with it, except to contemplate and enjoy? Also, of course, an option, but I would like to use it. And as large as this, I do not even apply powder.

But – how wrong I was! In my opinion, this brush is needed by everyone who paints more than once a week. Gorgeous applies and shades broser and blush. Due to fluffiness and airiness, it does not remove the tonal layer. If you flatten the pile with your fingers on both sides, you get a fluffy fan that can be used for a sculptor and highlighter. But most importantly, how incredible this brush is to sand the skin and soften the boundaries between all powder products! That is, it is not even necessary to apply anything to her. Simply polishing your skin with a clean bristle at the end of your makeup is great.

I have a similar brush from a different brand, but it still differs in working quality. The size is the same, synthetics are soft, only the cut is flatter. Doesn’t look like a torch. The result is a larger footprint and less control. And the elasticity seems to be lacking. Therefore, the only thing I regret is that I overlooked the discount at Ile de Beautet and bought it for 500 rubles more than I could have.


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