Lady Diana and the haircut that changed everything

Diana in June 1991. Photo By Getty Images

Sam McKnight, the hairstylist of Diana, has been invited by the british edition of Vogue to style the actress who will play the princess in The CrownThe opportunity to come back on the day he was convinced Diana to adopt a cut shorter.

The fourth season of The Crown will be unveiled in November and everyone is waiting with impatience to discover these new episodes where princess Diana will make its appearance. This is the actress Emma Corrin who has been chosen to embody on the screen.

“The Crown”, saison 4 : la bande-annonce
“The Crown”, season 4, Peter Morgan. With Gillian Anderson, Olivia Colman, Emma Corrin and Josh O’connor.

For the cover of its October issue, the Vogue uk has asked Sam McKnight to recreate on the actress, the hairstyle of the princess of hearts. A choice that is not trivial, since the hair stylist star of the shows (he worked backstage for Chanel, Max Mara, Fendi…) was also in charge of the hair of the mother of princes William and Harry.

It has, therefore, been able to give some confidences about the work he has done for her. And in particular this famous cup that he was signed in the 1990s, and marked a true turning point for Lady Diana. Sam McKnight has indeed met the latter during a photo shoot for Vogue with photographer Patrick Demarchelier. “We have seen disembark in the studio as a blonde with long legs and we fell immediately under the charm”, recalls t–it. The result ? All the world remembers : a Diana smiling in white dress strapless, wearing a tiara.


“Cut all”

On the photograph, she seems to have shorter hair. But this is only an artifice. In his book, Hair by Sam McKnight released in 2016, the professional was, in fact, on this session by explaining that he had cheated by hiding the lengths of the tiara to give that impression. A game of illusion which had obviously seduced the woman. “At the end of the photo shoot, she came up to me and asked me what I would advise if I had carte blanche. And I answered : “well, I would like to cut and start again”. […] And I said, “Cut all, get rid of this volume very 1980 and reboot with a short cut and minimalist.” And this is what we have done.”

But beyond a simple change of pace, Sam McKnight has apparently offered the princess a way to have more confidence in it. He thus came back on the video of an interview with Diana where “when we asked him what had triggered this change of confidence in it in the early 1990s, she replied : “It is thanks to Sam, who has cut my hair””. A beautiful compliment to the one who is wearing up to his tragic death in 1997. And the evidence that a hair cut can change everything.


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