Laetitia Milot on top with the trendy haircut that suits everyone

Laetitia Milot cannon with a cut that suits everyone

Everything suits him! This is what the beauty has just proved Laetitia Milot with his new Instagram post. While she has barely revealed her new hair change that suits him perfectly, the bubbly brunette is already showing with a new hairstyle. We love. On Instagram, Laetitia Milot often shares photos and videos of her daily life with her fans. So she poses alongside her daughter and her husband in a pretty tight black dress, she poses on a bike in the middle of a ride, she dares total look blanc which showcases her tanned complexion and she even shares a photo from her wedding that she appears in in a very original wedding dress !

The talented actress just changed your mind : she has bet a bangs and even abandoned son tie and dye for a deep brown uniform. She is still so beautiful. On her last photo posted on Instagram, Laetitia Milot keeps bangs, but not straight like the one she sported a few days ago. Indeed, she has a curtain fringe : that is to say, it is split into two parts, each folded down on one side of his face. She looks great on her, softens her face and goes very well with her long hair. The particularity of the curtain fringe? She can suit everyone because it is soft and does not cut the face at the forehead like a straight bangs can do it. The only rule to adopt this trendy fringe is this: you have to hair is preferably mid-length, because its effect will not look good on too short hair. Are you going to try this cut?


In addition to sports a very canon cut, Laetitia Milot takes advantage of this photo to show her fans that she is currently on the set of the film adapted from her novel Bound for life. Her fans are won over by her beauty and by this news: “Too anxious to see it!”, “You are resplendent Laetitia as always”, “Have a good shoot, can’t wait to discover”” target=”_blank”>

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