Laetitia Milot transformed: new haircut, new hair color (Incredible!)

Revealed to the general public since her role in the hit soap opera France 3 (More beautiful life), Laetitia Milot chained the successful projects over the years. She has appeared in other television series, such as Revenge with clear eyes. But the artist does not only have the qualities of an actress! The Limoges native proved that she had many other talents, writing books and trying her hand at song (with the title Far from here in duet with Vincent Niclo). In personal life, the 39-year-old artist is the proud mother of a little girl named Lyana, born in 2018 (after a hard fight against endometriosis, a chronic gynecological disease). Followed by more than 593,000 Internet users on Instagram, the starlet likes to share moments of her life (both professional and private). Last week, Laetitia Milot appeared natural, tight pants and a bomb on her head. More recently still, she published a new photo which was a great success with her subscribers: a photo on which she reveals a whole new hair look ! A faultless!

Laëtitia Milot adopts dark brown: her fans love

“New color, new hairstyle, in preparation for a new character” wrote Laetitia Milot as a legend, under her new photo posted on Instagram. On the photo in question, it appears more glamorous than ever, with a brand new hairstyle and trendy haircut. The actress displays a fringe which she wears beautifully and which gives character to her sweet face. In terms of coloring, the artist has put aside her chestnut brown and her tie and dye to switch to dark brown ! What to create a sacred contrast with her clear eyes, which are more than ever highlighted. Many fans have complimented her: “How beautiful you are”, “Better in brunette, I love it”, “You are beautiful”. What do you think ?

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New color, new haircut, in preparation for a new character ? haircut color hair character

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Laetitia Milot in natural, tight pants and bomb on the head for a riding session

Laetitia Milot: hoodie and zero makeup, she reveals herself naturally

Laëtitia Milot in denim sneakers for a stylish bike trip


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