The collar shovel for a pie, utensil, dress favorite of Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton made his collar the touch of whimsy in his wardrobe. (Milton Keynes, 14 may 2019) Getty Images

If one examines the wardrobe of Kate Middleton, a v-neck stands out. So much so that it is done signature. That reveals this marotte mode ?

The hair brushés, the polka dot dress, coat coat, the tailor fitted, the bibi for great occasions, and always well in view, col. It is a constant for Kate Middleton. It is to all outputs, or almost : on the official portraits of the 70th birthday of his father-in-law, prince Charles, for a visit to the Queen Elizabeth hospital, during the presentation in the world of his third child…

The duchess of Cambridge has a wide preference for the flap triangular, type blouse, or even “shovel pie”, so popular in the 1970s, it has today it a bit difficult to rebuild a reputation. But, Kate Middleton, member of the royal family who raises the passions on the Internet, is on track to change the fate of this flap, which bears the name of a kitchen utensil. Because obviously, hers is not a nod to Cloclo.

Kate Middleton is called to reign one day, and must keep his rank. In this capacity, she is particularly fond of the passes closed, well-dressed, well stiff. And white also. We will remind that in the period between the two world wars, they were used to distinguish social class leadership of the working class. Do not doubt that the interest that the duchess of Cambridge wears these collars is elsewhere.

It will probably not escaped his eye as dresses with a collar, sometimes excessive, are in fashion since a while, even if she is not the queen of selfies on Instagram. These passes, therefore, also say that the wife of prince William knows how to deal with a protocol of dress against which, you will recall, she never showed the slightest sign of exhaustion. Better. It takes a gimmick to mark his style.

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