Latex clothing is the most daring fall 2020 trend: taking the example of Kim Kardashian

Latex this season has opened from a new side: we abandon the raid of the 90s and imposed stereotypes.

In the early 90s, latex clothing came into fashion: BDSM – the aesthetics that enveloped these seemingly vulgar things have now completely disappeared – latex clothing can now be worn in everyday life. But still, many have a stereotype that clothes made of this material are not serious and can only be worn by girls inspired by the film “Pretty Woman”. We prove that this is not the case.

History of creation

Initially, latex was used for military and medical purposes – it significantly improved the functioning of protective suits, greatcoats and gaiters. However, in the late 50s, photographer and designer John Sutcliffe came up with one of the most unusual outfits – a latex catsuit: this completely tight-fitting clothing for bikers was created – it was during these years that biker culture flourished. Gradually, latex clothing began to come to the cinema: remember the once sensational film “Babarella”, which brought Jane Fonda the status of a sex symbol, including thanks to a latex outfit.

In order to get inspired by the aesthetics of latex clothing, we suggest revisiting the best films of the 90s: Batman, The Matrix, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Charlie’s Angels – the image of a superhero in such films is inextricably linked with tight-fitting latex jumpsuit. Latex clothing is now associated with the role of a superhero, a strong woman, so Britney Spears and the Spice Girls in the 90s they mercilessly use this and clearly demonstrate latex overalls in their videos.

Fashion catwalk

In 2020, Anthony Vaccarello, creative director of the Saint Laurent fashion house, revised the brand codes and created a shade of danger in his new collection. On the catwalk, seductive latex dresses were so easily replaced by tight skirts and trousers combined with boots, a laconic bra and an oversized jacket. Demna Gvasalia has also switched to the dark side this fall – the accent in the Balenciaga collection is a fiery red cape dress that even Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games would envy.

Photo: Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent fall-winter 2020-2021

However, Olivier Rousteing, creative director of Balmain, decided not to change tradition and created the perfect latex suit, in which Kim Kardashian first appeared in public, and the whole world behind her. The dark brown suit consists of a bodysuit, trousers, a jacket and long gloves – many compared the celebrity to a Ferrero Rocher candy – Kim’s outfit looked so unusual and bold.

Photo: Balmain Fall-Winter 2021

What to wear

Despite the fact that the most progressive designers are trying not only to return the old trend from the 90s to the catwalks, but to create a new interpretation of latex clothing, many remain with the opinion that this story is absolutely not for them. On the runways this season, you can see not only latex dresses and jumpsuits, but also quite conservative clothes: classic shirts, turtlenecks, trousers and trench coats.

Not many will dare to go out like Kim Kardashian, fully dressed in latex, so stylists advise starting small and pairing such clothes with classic and elegant things made of wool, cashmere or silk.

Feel free to combine tight-fitting latex trousers with a romantic blouse, and a latex shirt with a woolen pencil skirt. A simple latex top with no unnecessary details matches perfectly with a modest floor-length skirt, while burgundy latex trousers make a great duet with a plain white tee – this way you will smooth over the over-emphasis, but at the same time add a thrill to the look.

Fashion practice

With the onset of the first cool days, the turtleneck becomes an indispensable companion in the fall wardrobe. It is easy to build many interesting looks with this basic thing, but the designers this year suggested focusing on the turtleneck itself and choosing a more interesting model. Black wide-leg trousers will look perfect in a duet with a turtleneck, and strict boots, graceful jewelry and a transparent bag follow the image that is not only stylish, but also interesting.

1 – Balmain turtleneck, 2 – Loewe pants, 3 – Karl Lagerfeld bag, 4 – Maison Margiela boots, 5 – Natalie Marie earrings

We advise you to choose a latex skirt in a neutral color: this thing will draw attention to itself, and the flashy shade will make it even more accent in the image. Pastel colors are back on trend this fall, so feel free to rely on neutral beige or pastel pink. A microfiber bodysuit is the perfect companion to a latex skirt, while loafers with a steady heel add elegance to the look. Do not forget about the bag and accessories – the massive chains popular in summer 2020 will come in handy in the fall, and the pastel blue Bottega Veneta bag, which has become almost a classic, will adorn any look.

1 – Love Republic bodysuit, 2 – Lapointe skirt, 3 – Christian Dior chain necklace, 4 – Gucci heeled loafers, 5 – Bottega Veneta bag

Of course, everyone wants to follow the example of Kim Kardashian, completely put on a latex catsuit and go for a walk, however, this will take a lot of courage. Therefore, we suggest starting with a spectacular leather jumpsuit – wear it along with ankle boots with a curly heel, an unusual bag, massive chain earrings and dark sunglasses. And as soon as you feel confident in this image – feel free to buy a latex catsuit and conquer the world!

1 – Guess overalls, 2 – Alaia bag, 3 – Aqua earrings, 4 – Saint Laurent ankle boots, 5 – Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses

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