Laure de Sagazan presents her very “French Riviera” 2020 wedding dresses collection

During Bridal Week in New York last October, Parisian designer Laure de Sagazan unveiled her 2020 collection which heralds a bride that is both retro and modern.

This year, the bride Laure de Sagazan dreams of will look like Brigitte Bardot or Anna Karina. With her embroidery, lace and hand weaving, the designer once again relies on French know-how for a collection that permeates the codes of the famous French Riviera. In her Parisian premises, she imagined the 2020 bridal outfits where the models seem warmed by the sun of the south of France.

Chic and modern outfits

All in sobriety and with a lot of elegance, we opt for the skirt and top combo that overshadows the traditional wedding dress, as we had already seen in 2019. A simple way to be able to recycle the most beautiful outfit of our life. “The idea that a piece so charged with emotions can be postponed later continues to seduce me and to seduce brides,” Laure de Sagazan told us in 2018.

Laure de Sagazan 2020 collection

For a retro-chic style worthy of sixties, we opt for large bare backs dressed in lace that redraw the silhouette. The Marceau dungarees are also making their debut for a more relaxed look, bringing a breath of freshness and modernity on D-Day.

A new collection that will delight all those who have just got engaged, already looking for the dress that will sublimate them on this very special day.

This article, originally published on October 7, 2019, has been updated.


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