Laurence Boccolini “proud of her wrinkles”, she appears naturally

Laurence Boccolini naturally: she is very “proud of her wrinkles”

The rides, the other signs of aging, the little ones “defaults”… Laurence Boccolini does not care and assumes them! This is what the bubbly presenter said under her latest Instagram post. On her social networks, Laurence Boccolini does not hesitate to show off without make-up, naturally on selfies. She also recently posted a photo of herself 19 years ago with very short haircut. Post-confinement, the beauty had also published a photo in the middle of a hairstyle session and appeared with a brand new very hot haircut that looks great on her. Laurence Boccolini makes a point of remaining natural and posts regularly videos she sings on, without makeup. Her fans loved seeing her like this!


This is not the first time that Willow’s mother has appeared without artifice. But here she addresses a inspiring body positive message to her fans to accompany his photo. She writes in the caption: “the hair in firecracker, the naked face and proud of my wrinkles and my sores. They remind me that I lived and survived (…)”. A phrase that advocates self-acceptance. The wrinkles appear with age and are part of a totally natural phenomenon, which is why we should not be ashamed of it. However, if you wish delay their onset, it is advisable to adopt a specific very moisturizing routine. Because hydration is the key! Start with a serum which possibly containshyaluronic acidingredient flagship of anti-aging cosmetics. Then apply a day cream adapted to your skin and above all, do not forget the eye contour treatment. Why ? Because wrinkles often start to appear on this fragile area of ​​the face!

In addition to accepting wrinkles, Laurence Boccolini wishes to disseminate “positive vibes” to her fans and she writes: “Whatever the mood of the day for you, can be sad and gray, remember that nothing lasts. So many positive waves and kindness towards all of you and all who have been sending me to me for so many years”. La star is very grateful to her followers and thanks them for their support.



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