Laws and Traditions: What Relationship Rules Always Work?

Once again reviewing “Sex in the big city ”, listen carefully to what the girls are talking about while sitting in their favorite restaurant. They repeatedly throw out curious rules of relations to the masses that work in life. We checked it on personal experience and decided to tell you what to pay special attention to. We share secret information in this article!

? 36 hours

If you believe the results of regular surveys conducted on dating sites, you can see one pattern. People prefer to call each other back within 36 hours of meeting on their first date. In case he or she did not call back at the specified time, feel free to look for a new “victim”. But don’t be in a hurry to get upset. In the modern world, there are no restrictions on who can call or write first. Don’t be shy and take the initiative if you like it.

? Tthird date

It is this meeting that is traditionally considered a “bell” for intimacy. But in the case of a lack of desire, you can warn your partner and wait a little longer. If he refuses or demands to continue the banquet, think about it. Perhaps the rose is blooming for someone else.

? Night meetings

Even if he or she is so busy that there is only free time for communication at night, you need to think. In the future, no one will give up a career in favor of afternoon get-togethers over coffee, so think about whether you need it. But traditionally, meetings at night lead to action, and this is another point worth considering. If you wish intimacy, do not be afraid, refuse in all other cases.

? Surprise woman

At many workshops on winning men’s hearts, you can hear advice from which guys flinch. Women are advised to reply to messages no earlier than after 4-6 hours, because this way they will interest the prince with their “surprises”. However, men immediately feel when they start playing with them, and this does not lead to anything good. If busy, apologize and invite to a meeting, otherwise try to respond on time.

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