Leg exercises: the Body By Fleur method inspired by skating

There are exercises for the legs and … leg exercises. This is why it is worth talking about Fleur Maxwell, former Olympic figure skater of the Luxembourg national team, has developed the method with a holistic Body By Fleur approach. She lives in New York, but the great thing is that her lessons can also be followed on Zoom on the other side of the ocean.

Cellulite and swollen legs? What to eat

“I skated for 20 years and retired in 2016 due to a hip injury, Body By Fleur it is a training method that I created thanks to the experience gained during my career. I needed something to help me perform better, that made me work on strength while maintaining the muscles thin and elegant, a workout that would make me feel good in my woman’s body “, Fleur explains. “Today it represents the training method that has allowed me to keep fit despite the serious injury, to build strength with grace and to make me feel good inside”.

The workout for toned and slender legs

“Body By Fleur reflects exactly what my wishes were: have a more slender and feminine figure, especially as regards the legs and arms “. A goal that most of us aspire to.

Fleur proposes a holistic approach, which also allows you to work on flexibility, coordination and balance with a low impact on the joints. “I use movements that come from classical dance, from pilates, from yoga and from cardio-dance for a workout that makes the whole body sweat and activates “.

Fleur’s muscular work takes place in extension, with the toes in tension and the legs always active in such a way as to stress all the muscles. “Many of the movements for the lower body they are done with the hips turned outward and using light ankle weights. Use light weights is the secret of my method of transforming the body. Stimulating every single muscle, even the smallest ones, means making the silhouette very curvy and sweating without the need to do cardio “.

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The exercises for side b

With the Body By Fleur method they are not done alone squat and lunges. “The exercises stimulate the different inclinations of the hips with different speeds, one or two kilos anklets are used to sculpt the side b perfect for every type of body “. The secret to maximizing effectiveness is to increase the angle and always have the knee higher than the pelvis to feel the buttocks “burn”. “With one elbow on the floor and the opposite leg back, or with the hip and side leg, you can throw your legs in different directions, always with the foot pointed. Another exercise I like is the fold with the toes turned outward to urge the glutes and adductors. The resistance bands are also fantastic for toning and sculpting the butt and legs. ”

Post workout: the importance for cellulite and culotte de cheval

At the end of the workout it is important to recover by working on myofascial system. What is commonly called “fascia” is nothing more than connective tissue that protects organs, bones and muscles and a targeted beauty treatment avoids the hyperacidification of the muscles. “I use the new one Mineral Body Lotion at Susanne Kaufmann, when I apply it in the evening after a shower and in the morning I do the dry brushing on the legs, I feel that the muscles have benefited from a deep tissue massage. This product acts right on collagen and on the connective tissue, ”says Fleur. “Then I really believe in warm epsom salt baths, and in the morning I apply African Botanics Svelte Cream, a cream that acts on lymphatic system and blood circulation with benefits also on cellulite. I recommend going to the sauna often to detoxify, relieve muscle pain, strengthen skin tone and the immune system “.

Susanne Kauffmann Mineral Body Lotion. It deeply detoxifies muscle tissue and helps increase cellular energy and lymphatic flow. The botanical active ingredients optimize cellular metabolism and reduce inflammation.

La Biosthetique Spa Rich Firming Body Cream. Caffeine, artichoke extract and sugar cane extract ensure greater fat reduction and intense tissue firming. The skin is smoother.

Comfort Zone Body Strategist Thermo Cream. Generates a perceptible alternating sensation of hot and cold. The vascular thermogenic action reactivates the microcirculation and acts on adipose accumulations.

Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Age Concentrated Firming Body Cream. It acts at the level of the supporting tissues to reinforce the dermal structure and visibly reduce skin relaxation. Gives a tightening effect to the skin.


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