Leopard print has long gone out of fashion

The “leopard” print was replaced by a snake and a crocodile.

“Zebra” is now in fashion / photo

Animal print has always been popular among women. This is not surprising, because the “leopard” is quite bright and striking even from afar. Although it should be noted that in men such a “bow” is more disgusting than sympathetic.

That’s why we have collected for you images with an animal print that will surely be to the liking of both you and your men.


If you want to be in trend, then look closely at crocodile bags or shoes. This texture looks very expensive and stylish. Also look for a coat or pants made of crocodile skin. Agree that things with such an unusual texture are more attractive than a “leopard”.

“Crocodile” is a fashionable texture / photo


The image with an animalistic print in the form of a “zebra” is suitable for both everyday and office work. Black and white stripes will add elegance and mystery. It is not necessary to choose a “bow”, which consists entirely of strips. And remember, if the skirt is in a vertical stripe, and the shirt is in a horizontal one, it is not fashionable at all. By the way, such well-known brands as Roberto Cavalli, Tom Ford, Givenchy, Michael Kors, R13, Simonetta Ravizza use this print in their collections.

“Zebra” is suitable for office / photo


If you are a bright girl who is used to shining brighter than the stars, then we suggest you choose clothes with a print resembling a “python”. For example, you can wear culottes with such an animalistic print, an oversized T-shirt and sneakers. And you can focus only on shoes, and pick up clothes in light shades. Believe me, this way you will not leave anyone indifferent. But remember that only one thing out of the whole “bow” should be with such a print.

Shoes with

Python shoes are very bright / photo

As reported earlier, Jerry Heil walked around the city in pajama shorts and slippers.


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