Levothyrox: the old formula will finally be available until the end of 2021

In a letter, unveiled on August 7, the French Association of Thyroid Patients (AFMT) announced the maintenance of the old formula of Levothyrox. The distribution of this drug which fights against hypothyroidism was to stop in September 2020. A new formula had been put on the market in March 2017. Developed by Merck laboratories, some excipients had been modified to offer more drug stability.

Levothyrox: an extension of Euthyrox until the end of 2021

Between March 2017 and April 2018, nearly 31,000 patients denounced this new formula, complaining of headaches, dizziness and insomnia. The AFMT and other associations have therefore decided to request an extension of Euthyrox, the old form of Levothyrox in France. This medicine is “initially intended for the Russian market, strictly corresponding to the old formula of the specialty Levothyrox, and subject to temporary importation “, explained the General Directorate of Health in its letter.

On July 6, a committee met at the Ministry of Health: “At the end of this monitoring group, the ANSM asked Merck laboratories to make every effort to maintain the Euthyrox specialty in France beyond September 2020 (…) Merck laboratories responded favorably to this request. . Thus, the maintenance of Euthyrox in France will continue in 2021 ” specified the DGS.

In France, nearly 75,000 patients were still being treated with the old formula of Levothyrox in February 2020. “This extension of the distribution of Euthyrox distribution will provide affected patients with additional time to initiate the change of treatment as soon as possible for a sustainable therapeutic alternative.”, estimated the Ministry of Health. For the AFMT, this news is a”immense relief”.



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