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Life hacks for creating a comfortable bathroom

The very first thing you should pay attention to is a well thought out storage system. And the first thing to start with is the hinged shelves. It is not only modern but also very convenient.

You can place things on them according to this principle.: the farther from the eyes, the less important items we put there. Jars that you rarely use can be placed very high.

But this option is categorically not suitable for large families or families with children., as there will be much more items on the shelves and it will lose its aesthetic appearance. Moreover, when trying to get another shampoo, the rest of the items will surely fall.

Therefore, the best solution would be to purchase suspended closed storage systems, for example, a wardrobe with hinged doors or wardrobes.

hanging cabinet

The only thing to consider – this is that all hanging structures should be located so as not to interfere with people, but so that they can be easily reached.

Mirrored cabinets

Instead of a conventional mirror, you can hang a cabinet with a mirrored front over the washbasin. This will solve several problems at once:

  • get one more storage space;
  • expand the space;
  • fill the bathroom with light.

mirror cabinet

Zone lighting

There is never too much light, especially in the bathroom. Spotlights, candles, and decorative LED lighting that have become very popular are usually used as additional sources.

Be sure to see how to correctly organize lighting in the bathroom.

illumination around the mirror

By combining different types of lighting, you can make your bathroom more ergonomic. For example, bright lamps on the mirror next to the sink will make beauty treatments much more comfortable.

lighting of the floor and niches in the bathroom

You can also install an LED backlight with a dim, diffused light, and turn it on at night. If you have small children, then this feature will definitely come in handy.

Additional storage systems per cabinet

Small items are best placed in a cabinet with doors. And if you attach various drawers and stands to the cabinet door from the inside, then you will get additional space for many small accessories.

So they will be “at hand” all the time, but they will not litter the room, wallowing anywhere. Organizers are sold in any hardware store and you can always find exactly what you need.

overhead organizer in the bathroom

Additional storage space above the door

As a rule, everyone constantly forgets about the space above their head. Meanwhile, you can use the free space above the door to the maximum and hang a small shelf there. This placement has many advantages:

  • the design will fit perfectly into the design of the room;
  • will not attract attention;
  • on such a shelf it is very convenient to store things that you do not use too often.

metal shelves above the door

shelf with towels above the door

Place under the sink

Sink above the washing machine

Many people still buy a sink “on a leg”, which is absolutely not ergonomic. The place under the sink should not be empty… Place the sink at least 90 cm above the floor and place a classic rectangular washing machine there. So you “kill two birds with one stone.”

First of allyou do not have to bend over too much when using the sink, and Secondly, you will have a dedicated washing area.

machine under the sink

washing machine under the sink with shelves

If the area of ​​the room does not allow you to squeeze in a typewriter, then just place a cabinet under the sink. There will always be a use for such a cabinet, since you can put all household chemicals in it, hide rags and cleaning brushes, or put a basket with replacement towels.

hanging cabinet and machine under the tabletop

If there is enough space, then make one large countertop for the sink, under which you can put both a washing machine and a small cabinet. Then you will have a small ensemble that will not only fit into the design, but will also be very functional. In addition, a cabinet or a typewriter will serve as a kind of screen, behind which pipes will not be visible.

Special door hanger

This useful accessory can be used not only in the bathroom, but this is where it comes in handy the most. Since the hanger is mobile, you can always change its location, depending on where you need it now.

It is best to place it next to the shower. Thus, you will always have access to a towel or bathrobe, which is very convenient.

hooks on the door

The bathroom, among other things, is a repository of various cans, bottles and tubes. Try to arrange these items so that it is convenient to reach them without leaving the warm water.

And so that your bathroom does not turn into an Alibaba shop, consisting of many bottles, you need to use a little life hack. Buy several of the same dispenser bottles and pour in the gels and shampoos that you use regularly.

identical bottles for storing cosmetics

shampoo and gel in identical bottles on the shelf

For other means, arrange sorting… Just throw out old, expired or long-unused funds, and hide the rest in the closet. Thus, “at hand” you will have only the necessary items, and the bathroom will look much neater.

We use the side walls of the cabinets

Place towel hooks on the side of the cabinet or hang a vertical organizer. This useful accessory will always come in handy for storing the little things you need.

hooks for towels on the cabinet

hook brush

Removing the bath

Recently, many people have given up baths in favor of showers. By installing a compact shower cubicle, you will make your bathroom much more comfortable, because:

  1. Such a cabin is easier to care for.
  2. It is comfortable to clean, as it can be closed and water does not fall on the floor, besides, the plastic walls are very easy to clean.
  3. Many models have the ability to install a baby bath or wash basin.

Check out our bath and shower comparison.

shower cabin in the bathroom

In addition, with a shower stall, water consumption will significantly decrease, and this is another plus, only of an economic plan.

Whichever of these tips you choose, always focus on your preferences first of all, since design ideas are one thing, but the real picture is completely different. And sometimes you can sacrifice beauty in favor of functionality, and sometimes vice versa. The main condition is to observe the measure in everything and not overload your bathroom with unnecessary elements.

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