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For a beautiful and neat look of nails it is not enough just to paint them with a beautiful varnish. It is also important to be able to properly care for a manicure so that it looks attractive and your nails are healthy.

Properly remove the varnish

Before removing the varnish, cover the skin around the nails with a greasy cream so that it does not turn red or be damaged, and the varnish does not remain on the skin. If the skin is stained with the remnants of varnish – remove the varnish with scotch tape.

Remove the varnish with sequins

If the nail polish with glitter is not removed – put a cotton pad with nail polish remover on each nail and wrap each finger with foil. Leave on for 10 minutes and the nail polish will come off the nail easily.

Remove yellowness from the nails

Sometimes the nail plate is painted after a bright varnish. To remove yellow nails, brush your nails with a brush with whitening toothpaste.

Save a broken nail

Broken nail with gel Polish / photo

Broken nail with gel polish / photo

If your nail is broken – it can be saved. Apply clear varnish on the damaged nail, glue a tea bag patch on it and apply varnish on top again.

Open the dried nail polish

If the vial is new or dry and does not give in, wrap the lid of the vial with a rubber band. Then it will be easy to open the bottle.

Extend the life of a manicure

To keep the nail polish on the nails longer, before applying the nail polish, lubricate the nail with a cotton pad soaked in vinegar.

We make a matte varnish independently

Matte varnish is very popular this year. If you do not have this, mix loose powder with clear varnish. To do this, take a piece of film and roll it into a tube, insert the end of the tube into a bottle of varnish and pour the powder.

How to make a matte nail Polish at home / screenshot

How to make a matte varnish at home / screenshot

We make the varnish brighter

To make the dull varnish look brighter, apply it on top of white matte varnish.

Dry your nails quickly

If you are in a hurry and you do not have time to dry the varnish naturally – fill a bowl with cold water and dip your nails in it. So the varnish will set faster. But do not keep your nails under the tap with running water – the varnish may smear.

Save the thickened varnish

If the varnish began to thicken and lay badly on the nails, put it in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes, then shake well.


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