Lifting effect without beauty injections: which components in cosmetics work like botox

As we age, facial skin changes, contours become less defined, and wrinkles become deeper and more visible. But, if earlier it was possible to restore smoothness and elasticity to the skin only with the help of plastic surgeries, today the desired effect can be achieved with proper care and cosmetics.

Muscle relaxant peptides

First of all, the face ages quickly and noticeably from spasmodic muscles. Relaxing facial exercises, special massagers and massage techniques, as well as cosmetics with muscle relaxants that effectively relieve spasms and relax will help to avoid this.

Muscle relaxant peptides are amino acid compounds that naturally block the transmission of nerve signals to muscles and prevent them from contracting. Unlike botox, peptides do not affect normal facial mobility and maintain healthy facial expressions.

When choosing a cosmetic product with muscle relaxants, in the composition you need to look for such components as argireline, leufasil and Syn-Ake, or snake venom, as well as Matrixil3000, which stimulates the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, thereby increasing the elasticity and firmness of the skin. In addition, regular use of peptide-based care products makes cells start the processes of rejuvenation and recovery. The peptides also improve blood microcirculation, normalize the production of melanin and increase the protective functions of the skin, helping it to quickly restore smoothness and elasticity.

It is recommended to use cosmetics with peptides not only to solve existing problems, but also to prevent skin aging. Doing it earlier can delay the appearance of wrinkles and loss of firmness for a long time. Funds with peptides are applied directly to creases and problem areas. If it is a serum, it must be fixed on top with a nourishing cream. You cannot use peptide cosmetics simultaneously with retinoids and acids – the latter completely cancel the effect of the former. But the main thing in the use of muscle relaxants is regularity. The result of using peptide cosmetics can be seen in about a month or two.

snake poison

Snake venom is a real find if you need to get rid of wrinkles, folds and irregularities on the face. In cosmetics, this component is not used in its pure form – a peptide called Syn-Ake is synthesized from the venom of the chrome viper, which is not at all dangerous. It works in almost the same way as botulinum toxin, only it does not block nerve impulses, but relaxes the muscles, due to which they lose the ability to move and contract. In addition to its pronounced rejuvenating effect, snake venom has a healing effect on the skin, promotes the regeneration of damaged tissues and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. After applying any cosmetic treatment with snake venom, it becomes noticeable how wrinkles are smoothed out and their depth decreases. In addition, this ingredient has a mattifying and whitening effect, detoxifies and enhances the skin’s protective properties.

1 – ultra-lifting night cream with a complex of two amino acids – L-pyrrolidone-carboxylic acid and arginine, Filorga, 2 – anti-aging face lotion, Jukohbi, 3 – regenerating face concentrate Tulasara, Aveda, 4 – lifting serum for the face V- Line Lifting Concentrate, Valmont, 5 – Ultimate C15 + serum with 15% vitamin C and collagen peptides, 6 – concentrated serum with snake venom peptide and adenosine, It’s Skin, 7 – Rejuvenating peptide serum for face, Glamglow, 8 – Eye mask with algae peptides, SwissLine, 9-day lifting silica cream, Thalgo

Marine collagen

Often, to maintain youth and skin tone, cosmetologists recommend products that include marine collagen. This unique component creates an invisible thin film on the skin, which allows cells to breathe, and also prevents moisture loss and forms a special barrier that protects against environmental influences. As a result, the skin does not dehydrate or dry out.

With regular use of products with marine collagen, the contour of the face becomes smoother and more precise, the fine mesh of wrinkles disappears, the severity of deep wrinkles decreases, and the density of loose and thin skin increases. Also, marine collagen has a beneficial effect on the condition of blood vessels – the capillary mesh on the face turns pale over time, and the face acquires a healthy, radiant color due to the elimination of toxins and toxins.

Creams and serums with marine collagen are ideal for anti-aging and lifting prevention – women with all skin types can use them. For a better effect, cosmetologists recommend applying the products after the tonic to wet skin with light patting movements. The treatment can be completed with a small facial massage for a lymphatic drainage effect and quick results.


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