Lithotherapy: 5 stones and their health benefits

What is lithotherapy?

This unconventional medicine is an energetic accompaniment with minerals. Each stone has a vibration which is specific to it and depends on its color, its trace elements, its crystalline system or its hardness.

Blue calcite … to improve sleep

Very soft and soothing, this sedimentary stone is supposed to reassure, calm increased nervousness at the end of the day, provide interior stability and significantly improve the quality of sleep. To be placed under the pillow or on the night table.

Chrysocolla … to reduce stress

It would help to take a step back on the emotions, and would harmonize the body and the spirit, by unblocking the conflicts. Liberating, it is credited with power over anxieties and hot flashes. To be worn as a pendant, between the chest and the throat, an area where emotional conflicts arise.

Sodalite … to boost concentration

In the event of mental agitation, it would bring clarity, stability and lucidity. Its cubic structure, which refers to rigor, would soothe the minds of people who think a lot. To wear during a meeting or an important event, where you must be particularly present to what you are doing.

Almandine garnet … to re-energize

Very powerful, it is supposed to seek vital energy in the lower body, and offer courage and dynamism. Its red color would give a welcome boost when you are tired. Do not use if you are stressed because of its power. Wear it as a bracelet or in your pocket, as a one-week cure.

Carnelian … to get rid of bad moods

Rediscover joy, spontaneity and energetic fluidity: this is what this stone promises, which would stimulate the inner child. The goal? Cast out annoyances and see life on the bright side thanks to its bright, warm and comforting side. To wear as a bracelet, pendant or to slip into a pocket, when you wake up in a bad mood.

Good advice: Maintain the bond with the stone

The encounter between oneself and the stone is essential to feel the benefits. Each morning, and during the day, remember to take it in your hand, take a break in consciousness for two to three minutes. Be careful, some stones need to be re-energized.

Thanks to Johann Chevillard, lithotherapist-energy specialist,, also found on Instagram

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