Lithotherapy: 5 stones at the service of well-being

Rhodochrosite with soothing properties
Characterized by its pale pink to pink color and its white streaks, rhodochrosite is used in lithotherapy for its many soothing properties. Particularly indicated for treating states of stress and anxiety, this stone also acts on skin allergies and heart rhythm disorders that it helps to regulate.

Morganite to feel better in your head
Discovered in 1911 in Madagascar, morganite, which was first called “pink beryl” before being renamed in honor of collector John Pierpont Morgan, comes in a wide range of shades ranging from pinkish white to transparent lilac. Like its great diversity of colors, the mineral displays many powers that make it one of the favorites of lithotherapists:

  • soothes affective disorders;
  • increases sexual desire tenfold;
  • softens the skin;
  • stimulates the mind …

Amber against the evils of winter
Known to all parents, amber is not only used to relieve pain associated with teething infants. Indeed, this fossilized resin has more than one string to its bow since it can also be used to fight against the flu, colds, asthma and all other diseases affecting the respiratory tract. By reducing fever, this stone restores energy and tone.

Lapis lazuli against skin problems
Lapis lazuli, a name which means “blue stone” in Arabic, is a mythical stone whose color and properties were particularly appreciated in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Today, lithotherapists praise it for its stimulating effects. It is also used in the context of certain eye disorders and skin problems (acne, allergies, dandruff, etc.). It also helps lower fever and relieve headaches.

Turquoise to see life in pink
Formerly known as the “Turkish stone”, turquoise is one of the best-selling stones in lithotherapy. Renowned for its ability to absorb bad waves, it is used as a real shield against negative thoughts. Resolutely positive, this stone soothes and brings serenity. On the physical level, turquoise has an effective detoxifying action in cases of hypercholesterolemia.



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