Long hair, otherwise nothing

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Hippie chic

Credits: Camille Albane

The mind : Long, ultra-smooth, structured by straight cut graphic fringe.

The cup : The whole secret lies in the fringe, long and straight, which contrasts with blurred lengths.

WE love : The blond “nougat” and the golden sweep that gives pep to the hair.

Hairdressing Camille Albane


Credit: Jean-Louis David

The mind : Wild lengths and sexy waves for an assumed femininity.

The cup : The whole is degraded and tapered, with longer locks to deconstruct the whole.

WE love : The hair seems discolored in the sun, with an effect of lighter highlights.

Hairstyle Jean-Louis David.


Credit: Jean-Marc Joubert

The mind : Chic style à la Lauren Bacall

The cup : The lengths are degraded and the hair lit with a few honey locks.

WE love : The sophisticated aspect of the hairstyle, to be softened with a large curling iron.

Hairdressing Jean-Marc Joubert


Credit: Jacques Dessange

The mind : Well-designed curls and barely styled bangs.

The cup : Degraded from the cheekbones, the cut retains a beautiful mass to the hair.

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WE love : The curls perfectly drawn with the curling iron.

Jacques Dessange Hairstyle



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