Long-term cardiac secretions?

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Observations on one cent of patients receiving the Covid-19 system indicate that the majority of conservative patients, at least in the short term, have a heart sequence of infection.

If SARS-CoV-2 qui cause la maladie Covid-19 United nations Tropical My heart. This means there is a certain link to heart problems. Study note100 patients were examined at the Frankfurt Hospital at one timeMagnetic resonance imaging Heart diseases and atheists Infections After perseverance Guard de la Covid-19.

What do you think of this study?

This publication relates to obtenus observational results for one percent of German patients. Because they are wise, the confusing factors also flow to expose cardiac stops. In this study, 78% of patients with recurrent heart disease had an IRMc attenuation and 60% of inflammation, regardless of malignant dominance. According to the authors, it will take more than a few inquiries about Covid-19 long-term cardiovascular outcomes.

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Neonmoins, the phenomenon is not new. Infectious myocarditis is an upward phenomenon. Additionally, the study is isolated and the aurait ensures that it reproduces more widely in other countries, in addition to patients.

Post-nutritional status

These measures are to expose it explicitly Symptoms Some patients declare to avoid it A common symptom Lazy seminars after their viral growth. But how many of these patients are present? Est-ce bien dû à la Covid-19? Is this due to other factors? The question is very important, as long as the charge is not adapted to cause symptoms. Now in more detail in a detailed article on this topic.

What to do next

  • A note study of cardiac sequences in the case of Covid-19 gangs.
  • The fact that when interpreting these findings, there are more than just investigations into these possible findings of Covid 19 being interpreted.
  • It is advisable to avoid contact with patients with persistent symptoms associated with Covid-19 infection. Next issue.
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