Louane without makeup, she reveals herself naturally

Complexion without imperfections, eyebrows provided: Louane is revealed naturally

Famous since his participation in the show The Voice in 2013 (she was 17 at the time), Louane has evolved well. An evolution both physical and professional that his fans have enjoyed following. Over time, the 23-year-old singer asserted her personality, as well as her look that has undergone a lot of changes. The pretty blonde went for balayage effects first and then added some light highlights to her hair. The one who was part of the long hair team went short by opting for a square, a very fashionable haircut currently. Recently, the one we know less under her real name (Anne Peichert) caused a sensation on the web by revealing herself Natural. His fans love it!

Recently, the artist unveiled behind the scenes of his new clip Give me your heart. In the latter, Louane multiplied the looks, the simplest (hazy bun, very discreet makeup) most original (loose wet hair, ultra glittery and colorful makeup). A clip released on July 3 and which had already exceeded 1.8 million views on Youtube. More recently, Louane decided to share a totally different post, Natural ! Hope you have a great summer. I have a thousand things to tell you soon ” she wrote as a caption. Smooth and clear skin, defined eyebrows: obviously, the star has decided to spend her summer without makeup and she is quite right! Her fans have also been numerous to react and compliment her on her physique. “Too beautiful”, “Really more beautiful without makeup”, “Beautiful” can we read. What do you think ?



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