Louis Vuitton women’s handbags

  1. Louis Vuitton women’s handbags
  2. Neverfull
  3. Capucines
  4. Carmel
  5. Peculiarities

Louis Vuitton women’s handbags

Louis Vuitton has a history since the middle of the nineteenth century and is one of the oldest brands in Europe. The ancestor of the empire was an apprentice from Paris, who began to make suitcases and bags of a rounded configuration. The most famous models:

  1. Neverfull
  2. Capucines
  3. Carmel.


Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag – This is a sacred model, produced in many EU countries and the USA. The model has broken all popularity records. When it was created, the following tasks were pursued: lightness, spaciousness.

There are three Neverfull sizes on the market:

  1. RM.
  2. MM.
  3. GM.

The item is available in four colors.


Louis Vuitton Capucines bag made from grained leather. There are several branches. On the outside, there are many different fittings, including on the handle. It is worn on the shoulder or at the bend of the elbow. The lining is adhered to the inside of the skin. Made of cotton with classic monograms. The color is light beige, crossed by a dark brown stripe.


Louis Vuitton Carmel bag made of expensive leather with exclusive dressing, has perforation as decoration. The model is spacious and functional. Has an original design. Differs in elegance. Comfortable braided handle, stylish durable hardware with LV monograms. The bag looks stylish and high-status, emphasizes the unique image favorably. Specifications: 35×40.2×17 cm.

Inside the bag there are leather labels with monograms: “LOUIS VUITTON PARIS made in France”. The lining is beige, made of natural cotton. On the labels there are codes with encrypted information – these are a kind of labels that must match the external details.


Designers play up the products and update them by adding various textures and materials from leather (cowhide, crocodile, etc.)

Women’s bags are usually branded and labeled Since 1854, that year the company was founded and its design strategy developed.

All bags from Louis Vuitton have similar features and at the same time differ noticeably from each other:

  • The short handles are designed for hand carry, they are distinguished by their functionality and compactness. There are many small pockets for important trifles.
  • Long handles are also often found in models, they are more roomy, they can carry business documents and books. There are many different colors available.
  • Over the shoulder, these bags stand out for their practicality. There is a wide variety of them in the collections: from small clutches to roomy travel bags.


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