Luminous skin: discover these two natural ingredients for a perfect complexion

Have a healthy and luminous skin, it is to reach an enviable level of beauty, but, like everything, it requires daily efforts and adapted care. Moreover, many women nowadays refuse to opt for products with ingredients harmful to the skin and health (such as sulfates, benzophenones, BHA and BHT, parabens, silicones, etc. phenoxyethanol …) for the benefit of cosmetics based on natural ingredients (which are more and more popular)! Discover without further delay the name of these natural and effective ingredients to have a healthy glow all year round!

Luminous skin: what does it really mean?

We often talk about luminous skin, or “glow”, but what does that really mean? In the end, these two terms come together: when we speak of a luminous skin or of “glow”, we automatically speak of a clean, fresh, invigorated and perfectly hydrated skin. Clearly, we are talking about skin that exudes health and that implies that you have just spent a good vacation in a beautiful sunny place. 100% good looks, what!

Luminous skin: natural ingredients for a guaranteed healthy glow

While it may seem difficult to achieve fresh, tanned, luminous skin without going through the beach vacation box for a week, know that there are multiple natural ingredients to help you achieve this. This is the case for example of red clay : this red powder illuminates the complexion and absorbs excess sebum from the skin. Thanks to iron oxide, it has the power to restore luminosity to dull complexions. Turmeric is in turn a great option: thanks to the presence of curcumin (a powerful antioxidant), this plant has the power to revive the dull complexions. Finally, for the tanned side and good looks, nothing better than carotenoids ! Kezako? This term groups together molecules from the carotene and xanthophyll families: they contain rather orange and yellow pigments and are present in certain living organisms such as carrot, urucum or even the pollen of a thousand flowers. They promote the synthesis of melanin: the color pigment responsible for tanning (perfect for preparing healthy glow before and after sun). For optimal effectiveness, it is nevertheless advisable to provide the skin with carotenoids through food AND through care. It’s your turn !

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