Lunar hair calendar: the best time to cut your hair, remove hair

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Although no scientific study to date proves the link between the moon and the beauty of our hair, the lunar calendar continues to intrigue. Many women are inspired by it to cut their hair when the moon is waxing, in order toaccelerate their growth. Lunar horoscope for next week

Lunar hair calendar: what is the waxing moon?

The waxing moon is a regeneration symbol. It is between the new and the full moon. If you want cut your hair so that they become stronger and that they push back more quickly, it would therefore be necessary to wait for this increasing phase (the waning moon for its part, would not promote growth at all). The May 2020 lunar calendar states that it is advisable to refresh your tips between May 22 and May 27 (specifying that it is not advisable to wax on May 22). This period is also conducive to changes in hair color. During this phase, it is also all the more beneficial to carry out hair care (conditioners, masks, etc.). These will act with a lot more efficiency.

Lunar hair calendar: the waning moon, the perfect time to keep your hair short

When we opt for a short haircut (long square, short square, boyish cut …), we generally want to keep it as is as long as possible. In this case, it is then preferable to cut your hair when the moon is waning (the waning moon does not promote hair growth).

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Lunar hair calendar: moon phases and astrological signs

According to the lunar calendar, certain days must be devoted to “Capillary rest”. When the moon transits into Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio, then it is best not to color them, not to cut them, and not to pamper them either. We prefer to coloring hair when the moon transits in Aries. The days of Aquarius are auspicious hair wash. Finally, for thin hair, it is better to cut them when the moon transits in Leo, in order to give them strength.

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