Lush wedding dresses in dark shades

Let’s try to imagine an unusual wedding and bride. Traditionally, we represent the bride in a white wedding dress. Over the years it has become so ingrained in the minds of people that we see the bride only in white. Despite the attempts of designers to popularize wedding dresses in other colors, nothing has been achieved yet. How many times have you seen a real bride in a dress in dark shades?

1. White color. In the very first place, you can put the color. The bride can choose a fluffy lace dress or a minimalistic outfit, the main color. If the color is white – everything is fine, no one will doubt that this is a bride. Dresses in pastel shades also fit into the wedding celebration. And dresses of red, blue and especially dark colors are almost never found on brides.

Most people simply do not perceive a dark dress as a wedding outfit. What if you like black and want to make an unusual wedding? Buy or custom-tailor a lush wedding dress.

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2. The splendor of the skirt stands in second place after color. In ordinary life, even at parties and special events, a rare girl appears in a dress with a voluminous fluffy skirt. It’s not even worth talking about a white dress, she will immediately be perceived as a bride who ran away from her wedding or was lost. Even outfits in purple, blue and black with a fluffy skirt are almost impossible to find.

Lush black dress

Therefore, if you want an unusual wedding and an unforgettable image of the bride, buy a luxurious evening or wedding dress in dark shades. The main thing is to find such an outfit, because in wedding salons, please – show me a black or purple dress can be confusing. But if you want, you can find an unusual dress in fashion collections that are positioned as wedding and ordinary.

If you want special wishes, it is best to order tailoring in a good atelier. In this case, you can create the perfect dress. And after the wedding, you don’t have to think about where to attach it – like a wedding dress, you definitely won’t sell it to anyone, but you can sometimes wear it as an evening dress for the brightest celebrations.

Purple and Black Wedding Dress
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Look at the photo, are these brides worse than those in a white dress? White at a wedding primarily represents innocence. If you haven’t got one for a long time or you are getting married for the second time at all, it is more honest to wear a lush wedding dress in purple, blue, black, red or any other color that suits you best.

You don’t have to choose a dress in one color. Options look great when black and white are combined, or maybe one color shines through the other. A separate dress is very actual – a set of a fluffy skirt and top with rich embroidery and lace trim.

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