Magnetic posture corrector: recommendations for selection and use

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The magnetic posture corrector is a modern orthopedic device designed to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, in particular, the spinal column. With regular use in complex therapy, the device helps to reduce painful symptoms, eliminate muscle spasms and speed up the process of tissue recovery after surgery or injury.

To achieve improvement, you must not only know how to use the magnetic posture corrector, but also find the right model. Like any other orthopedic device, this device has certain limitations for use and you also need to familiarize yourself with them.

Operating principle

The positive effect of the reclinator application is achieved due to the magnetic field, which regulates and normalizes cell metabolism. Depending on the model and manufacturer, there are from 1 to 12 magnets installed in the base of the corrector. The ions they produce contribute to the elimination of toxins and regulate energy exchange, which leads to accelerated cell regeneration. In addition, with constant use, the device stimulates blood circulation and provides additional nutrition to the tissues, due to which painful symptoms disappear and the tone of muscle fibers increases.

As the manufacturers note, the first positive changes appear after 3-4 weeks of regular wearing of the corrector. If you use the reclinator for several months, you will be able to achieve a lasting result – to correct your posture and eliminate scoliosis.

The effect of the magnetic corset varies depending on the severity of the pathology. The best results are achieved in the early stages of the disease.

Indications and contraindications

The main purpose of the reclinator is to correct scoliosis. Also, many doctors advise wearing a magnetic corrector for patients who complain of constant pain in the chest area caused by curvature of the spine. Other indications include:

  • stoop at the initial stages;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • pterygoid shape of the shoulder blades;
  • protrusions and intervertebral hernias;
  • the formation of a hump on the back;
  • discomfort and soreness in the spinal column due to sedentary work;
  • kyphosis stages 1 and 2;
  • tissue restoration after surgery or injury.

Also, the magnetic corset for the spine can be used to prevent stoop. Especially its wear is recommended for patients with a sedentary lifestyle.

Despite the fact that the reclinator is considered one of the safest orthopedic devices, it still has certain restrictions on its use, and you should definitely familiarize yourself with them. To minimize the risk of unwanted complications, before buying a corrector, you should consult a doctor, who, after a physiological examination and taking an anamnesis, will tell you whether the device can be used in a particular case.

It is recommended to refuse wearing a magnetic posture corset for patients who have:

  • insulin pump;
  • automatic defibrillator;
  • pacemaker.

Other contraindications include:

  • severe arrhythmia;
  • low blood pressure;
  • vegetative dystonia;
  • renal and hepatic impairment;
  • cardiovascular pathology;
  • allergy.

Also, the use of such devices is not recommended while carrying a child, since they can cause the development of pathologies in the fetus.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of a magnetic back brace is its high efficiency and safety. If you use the device following the recommendations and after prior consultation with a physician, it will not cause complications.

Other advantages are as follows:

  • regular wear helps to strengthen the muscular corset of the back and chest area;
  • painful symptoms decrease after the first session, discomfort and numbness become less pronounced;
  • reclinator stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow, which has a positive effect not only on the spine, but also on other organs;
  • the work of all body systems is normalized;
  • a magnetic corset helps to maintain the correct posture and does not put stress on other areas;
  • the proofreader does not interfere with daily activities.

Despite the numerous advantages, this orthopedic product also has weak points:

  • during the first session, many patients feel slight discomfort from use;
  • if the straps of the corset are made of coarse fabric, they can chafe the skin and provoke redness;
  • the corrector will be visible through the transparent blouses.

The magnetic back corrector does not have any effect on the bone fibers. The positive effect of its use is achieved by strengthening the muscles that hold the spinal column in the correct position.


magnetic posture corrector Magnetic Posture Support

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In order not to miscalculate with the choice of a magnetic corrector, it is recommended to consult a doctor who will tell you what points you need to pay attention to, and also help you decide on the model and size.

According to patient reviews, the best magnetic correctors are:

  • Magnetic Posture Support. This model is designed by a Chinese manufacturer and is a wide belt with elastic straps. Magnetic plates are installed along the spine and on the belt. The corset has medium rigidity and different sizes. The approximate price is 1300-1500 rubles.
  • Chest Belt. The reclinator is designed for daily wear, it strengthens the muscle corset and maintains the correct position of the back. It is recommended to use it in the initial stages of pathologies of the spinal column. You can buy the product for 1290-1450 rubles.
  • Cypress by Bradex. The model is similar in design to Magnetic Posture Support. This magnetic corrector has a medium hold and is produced in two sizes: sm, l-xl. The price varies from 430 to 600 rubles.
  • NoveMed. According to the manufacturer’s assurances, this model is one of the safest and most effective. The approximate cost is 650-700 rubles.
  • Power Magnetic. The corrector is made of durable fabric and fits snugly around the back, thereby achieving the correct fixation of the spine. You can buy such a model for 1,500 rubles.

Selection rules

In order not to aggravate the situation, you need to purchase the product only after a physiological examination by a physician. Usually, when choosing a posture corrector with magnets, doctors advise adhering to the following recommendations:

  • the first step is to make an accurate diagnosis, since there are corsets on sale designed to deal with various pathologies;
  • it is important to decide on the appropriate size. A large corrector will not have a therapeutic effect, while wearing a small reclinator can only aggravate the situation;
  • it is important to consider the materials of manufacture. It is desirable that the product is made of natural fabrics that will not impede air circulation. It is also worth considering that synthetic fiber can trigger the development of allergies.

Terms of use

The first fitting should be done under the supervision of a physician who will help adjust the fastening strength and make sure that the product fits in size and does not cause discomfort.

It is recommended to wear such a device daily, but the duration of the course of treatment is determined by the doctor, taking into account the general state of health and the severity of the pathology. Usually, the product is worn according to the following algorithm:

  1. The corrector belts must be thrown over the shoulders, trying to keep the fabric as close to the body as possible.
  2. Wrap the belt around the waist and secure the Velcro.
  3. Adjust the straps so that the product is in the proper position.

For the first few days, wearing a corset will be uncomfortable as the body and neck are pulled back.

Duration of wear

On average, a therapeutic course lasts from 3 to 6 months, but its duration is determined exclusively by a specialist. To achieve maximum results, it is recommended to use a magnetic corset daily.

The first days the product is worn for 30 minutes, every 3-4 days the time gradually increases. At the initial stage of the curvature, 3 weeks of regular wear is enough to fix the even position of the back. For more serious pathologies, therapy will take at least 3 months.


Since elastic materials are used for the manufacture of the device, they must be properly looked after, otherwise the straps and belt will quickly stretch, the corset will become unusable.

You can wash the magnetic corrector by hand or in a typewriter (on a delicate mode) at a temperature not exceeding 40 ° C. If the corset is very dirty, it can be pre-soaked for 30-40 minutes. The reclinator is not wrung out after washing. It is just recommended to straighten the straps and belt and lay the product on a flat surface so that it dries naturally. Washing is allowed no more than once every 2 weeks.

It should be understood that completely getting rid of stoop is possible only with an integrated approach. The patient will also need to attend physiotherapy procedures and do special exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles.

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