Magnetism, do we let ourselves be captivated?

No serious studies on the effectiveness of bonesetters and other healers, and yet those who call on their services are often won over. We take stock with our expert, Dr Alain Marre, former head of the radiotherapy department at Rodez hospital.

Magnetizer, healer, fire-cutter, bonesetter… are they all the same?

True and false. They all have in common that they are not recognized by the Order of Physicians, but each has its own specialty: bonesetters take care of joints, sprains and more generally of bones, while gunmen are often magnetizers who relieve pain. burns. The term healer refers to all these practices, the secret of which we still cannot yet unravel.

The effects are scientifically proven

Faux. If healers claim to heal (or relieve) through energy transfer, more Cartesian minds mainly evoke the power of suggestion of the placebo effect. Magnetism should in any case remain only an adjunct to the medical act: it can be practiced in parallel with a therapeutic treatment but can in no case replace it, because its results could not be proven scientifically. Never stop your treatment without your doctor’s advice!

It works on burns

True and false. “Magnetism does not prevent the physiological damage of burns but, on the other hand, it allows better management of the pain they cause”, explains Dr Alain Marre, former head of radiotherapy department at Rodez hospital, many of whose patients consulted healers. So, in people with cancer, the side effects of radiation therapy can be relieved by magnetism. Results are also observed in people with skin problems (acne, eczema, warts, shingles).

Everyone is receptive

Faux. The suggestive effect of magnetism does not work consistently, much like hypnosis. We observe an improvement in the situation of patients convinced of the benefits of magnetism, even when the session is done by telephone! on the other hand, if you are skeptical, you are unlikely to feel anything.

The best way to find a good healer is to talk about it.

True. Watch out for charlatans! Talk to those around you about your desire to consult, someone will surely suggest a good address. In general, trust word of mouth rather than advertising. You can also turn to the National Group for the Organization of Alternative Medicines (Gnoma). Their site lists all the practitioners in your region who respect the group’s charter.

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