Removing make-up : 4 reasons to switch to discs washable

They are very gentle on the planet

A woman would use an average of 6 cottons per day to remove makeup and take care of her face, or 2,190 cottons per year that end up in the trash, according to the magazine. Consoglobe. A real ecological disaster when we know that, according to WWF, it takes an average of 8,506 liters of water to produce 1 kg of cotton today in the world (in India, the figure is 20,217 liters) . In addition, pesticides – 10% of their global consumption is attributed to cotton production – as well as chlorine and other chemicals used for bleaching … Cherry on the cake: single-use plastic packaging.

Conversely, washable discs (pads, squares, etc.) limit pollution and waste as much as possible since they are reusable until they are completely worn out! In organic cotton, bamboo, eucalyptus fiber or hemp, we are spoiled for choice and labels to guide us: Oeko-Tex guarantees materials free of substances harmful to the skin and the environment; GOTS certified organic cottons ban GMOs and chemicals while ensuring traceability, reasoned water management, respect for workers’ conditions …

They don’t attack our wallet

Let’s do the math: a packet of disposable cottons costs 0.60 to 2 euros depending on the brand. 2,190 disposable cottons per year, that’s about 22 packs used, or an annual budget of 13 to 44 euros. Their washable counterparts cost, on average, around 10 euros for ten (the price varies depending on the material, the size, whether they are double-sided or not …) and they will last you more than a year. . Finally, you will use less on a daily basis: they are often wider, more absorbent and clean better. In short, if they require a slightly higher investment at the start, your wallet should quickly find its way.

They pamper our skin

We choose the material that suits us best. With blemish-prone skin, cotton is preferred, which allows deep cleansing with any type of makeup remover (milk, oil, micellar water) … Be careful, it can sometimes be a little harsh for sensitive skin. If we remove makeup with milk or oil, we focus on bamboo and hemp: they have the advantage of being absorbent and less aggressive than cotton. But we avoid using them with micellar water if we do not want to empty the bottle at high speed! Eucalyptus is the most suitable for sensitive skin: it is the softest material. In addition, not very absorbent, it is very suitable for micellar water and hydrosols. Finally, prefer double-sided discs: one side “peeling effect” to unclog in depth and a softer side for more sensitive areas such as the eye area. It’s the perfect combo!

Easy to use

You just have to take the fold and set up your little routine. First, plan enough to have a good ride and always have clean discs. Install a small basket for used discs in your bathroom or put them directly in the laundry basket. Finally, when you make a machine, add them in bulk or in a washing net. Instead, clean them at 40 ° C, or even higher if they are very dirty. A tumble dryer can prevent them from becoming a little rough over the washings.


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