Makeup fall-winter 2020-2021: fashion trends and ideas

In any transformation show, not only professional image stylists, but also hairdressers and make-up artists work with the participants. Let’s see why?Even the most relevant, perfectly matched look can ruin outdated makeup and hairstyle. To look modern, you need to keep up with the times and follow the trends in clothing, visage and haircuts. Today we will talk about the main makeup trends for fall-winter 2020/2021.

Naturalness or makeup without makeup

We are already used to this trend, but its relevance is only gaining momentum. If earlier the effect of clear and radiant skin was achieved with the help of various tonal means, now it is worth minimizing their use. You should also give up a noticeable highlighter and give preference to radiant creams.

The effect of sable brows has also lost its relevance, graphic clear lines are a thing of the past, now it is worth giving preference to its natural form.

Makeup fall-winter 2020-2021

A pronounced contouring does not meet the requirements of modern makeup, darkened areas should look as natural as possible. To make the makeup look natural, the contouring must be pulled up, that is, the darkening from the cheekbones and the outer corner of the eye goes to the temples.

Eye and lip makeup 2020-2021


This trend has been relevant for several seasons and will remain with us for a long time. This type of makeup can be created with just one product, for example: lipstick is applied to the lips, and also used as blush and eyeshadow. In autumn, golden, orange, burgundy and beige shades will look interesting. Blush in winter always looks appropriate, pink shades will look the most natural.

Makeup fashion trends and ideas


Contrasting options for evening makeup with pronounced transitions are taboo in the modern world. Perfectly shaded smoky will create a chic look for events.

Makeup fall-winter 2020-2021: fashion trends and ideas

Colored shadows on the lower eyelid

Extremely bright and non-standard makeup competes with naturalness. Neon shadows on the lower eyelid, stretched to the temple, and other options for shocking makeup, were proposed by designers this season.

Arrows of an unusual shape

The more unusual the shape and brighter the color of the arrow, the higher the degree of stylish makeup. No limits, just your imagination.


Gold eyeshadow is often used in fall makeup. This season, you should also buy eyeliner. Large, irregularly shaped gold arrows combine two trends at once.

Gold shades of makeup

Red lipstick

Red lipstick shades are relevant at any time of the year. At fashion shows, designers prefer to use red lipstick as the main accent of their makeup. In autumn, muted shades of red look more advantageous.

One of the main shades of autumn is burgundy, both in clothes and on the lips.

Author: stylist Ksenia Naumova



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