Makeup for a black dress

It is believed that every girl’s wardrobe should have at least one stylish black dress. It can be either a classic Chanel-style evening outfit or a discreet office outfit. Black color, depending on what kind of makeup you add to it, will make you sexy, graceful or the most business lady. In this article, you will find out what makeup should look like to go perfectly with a black dress.

Who is it suitable for?

A black dress is a versatile option that suits both brunettes and brown-haired women. The main thing is to find the right colors for your make-up. The color palette for all beauties will be different, keep this in mind.

So, for blondes with a cold light appearance and pale skin, appropriate cold tones are suitable. For example, a wine-colored lipstick with a cool undertone, or silver or gray shades. Owners of brown hair and skin with a warm undertone should do makeup using beige and nude shades. Choose tones that emphasize your strengths and hide flaws.

Choosing a lipstick

Now let’s move on to a more detailed description of the process of choosing every detail of your makeup. Lipstick is the easiest way to completely change your image in one move. Red lipstick is bought by girls most often, because it is she who is considered the most sexy and seductive.

In addition, red lipsticks have another undeniable advantage – despite fears, they are great for all girls.

Red lipstick can be the only accent in your monochrome black look, or you can complement the outfit with some scarlet accessory. It looks impressive and immediately attracts attention.

If you have a cold type of appearance, choose rich lipsticks. For example, wine, burgundy or just dark red. This will make your look luxurious. However, it is quite obvious that this color option is more suitable for evening make-up than for everyday wear. For fair-haired or brown-haired women, a berry-colored lipstick or any other lip product with a warm tone is more suitable.

It is also worth remembering that if you have painted your lips with bright lipstick, you should not also focus on your eyes. In this case, the image may look vulgar. Makeup artists advise you to limit yourself to the simplest make-up – emphasize your eyes with black ink or draw neat arrows with a simple liner.

We place accents correctly

Now let’s move on to creating makeup that will suit any life situation.

Casual nude

If you bought a black dress not to amaze others, but to wear it to work or business meetings, then you need to learn how to do neutral daytime makeup. With this make-up option, you will look feminine, restrained, but at the same time, you will hide all traces of fatigue and problem areas on the skin. Such makeup only emphasizes the natural beauty of a woman, without changing anything in her appearance.

The essence of a neutral make-up is that it should be as invisible as possible on your face. No wonder it is called “makeup without makeup”. Decorative cosmetics that are used in this case are a light foundation or even concealer, nude lipstick, mascara and a little highlighter.

Choose the lightest product as your foundation. It could be BB cream, for example. The main task in this case is not to “plaster” the face, making the skin almost doll-like, but to hide minor imperfections. Indeed, against the background of a stylish black dress, all your flaws and irregularities in complexion will be noticeable. So if you go without foundation altogether, your look may be tired.

Some makeup artists recommend choosing a foundation color that is a couple of tones lighter than your skin, or simply focusing on your ideal shade. In this case, all skin imperfections will not be noticeable, and the face will seem well-groomed.

After you have evened out the tone of the face, you can proceed to the correction of the eyebrows. They can be slightly emphasized with a few strokes of a pencil to match the hairs or filled with shadows. If you have blonde hair, then emphasize your eyebrows with a light brown tint, but brown-haired women and brunettes go with rich dark colors.

Eyelashes need to be painted in just one layer so that the color is not too saturated, and the hairs are glued together. If you want to highlight the eyes with shadows, then choose something beige or light brown. It is better to dwell on inconspicuous shadows, leaving the shimmer for the evening.

Lips, as a rule, are recommended to highlight with a light coral gloss or neutral lipstick. With such make up your look will immediately become more well-groomed and elegant, but at the same time you will not stand out too much. Beautiful elegant shoes will complement this look with a short black dress. Do not be limited to the classics – instead of black pumps, you can take bright red shoes or neutral-colored high sandals. A classic bow isn’t necessarily boring. If you complement it with bright details, then it will look really bright and interesting.



For the look with a black dress, evening makeup can also be done using rich shadows.

The smoky eyes make-up is perfect for special occasions such as prom or wedding.

This make up can be done using a wide variety of shades. For fair-haired young ladies, a neutral base is more suitable. But dark-haired beauties can safely give preference to black and gold rich makeup. You can also complement dark shadows with purple, emerald or other accents. Makeup like this will look great, especially if you choose shadows that especially highlight the beauty of your eyes.

To make such a make-up is quite simple – take a dark soft pencil, rich shadows and a brush. Accentuate the outer corner with dark shadows and gently blend them so that the dark color turns into a lighter shade. After completing the eyeshadow makeup, paint over the lashes with mascara in two layers. Even the simplest hairstyle is suitable for such makeup – with smoky makeup you will look graceful and elegant.

A classic black dress, unlike cute outfits with polka dots or stripes, is the perfect outfit for both the fatal heartbreaker and the business lady. Complete your look with the right makeup and you will always look perfect, no matter what situation you choose it for.

In the next video, you will learn how to change the style of a little black dress with the help of makeup and accessories.


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