Makeup for a burgundy dress

Makeup for a burgundy dress

The burgundy color has a number of shades and several meanings. This color palette is considered very rich, sophisticated, sensual, but at the same time restrained and mysterious. The burgundy color is associated with a rich bouquet of aromatic expensive wine. It is a seasoned and multifaceted drink – just like the color, which speaks of the good taste of those who prefer it. Only a true connoisseur of beauty will be able to appreciate all the charm of a burgundy, as well as a high-quality grape drink.

Color palette

A dark red color with brown and crimson tints – this is burgundy. It is not surprising that he is considered noble. It is such a lady who will choose a burgundy dress as an evening dress. We can safely say that this is a strong, passionate and sexy nature, who is not afraid of anything and is ready for new discoveries and achievements. She is full of energy, ready to act and take risks.

Makeup for a burgundy dress should reflect the energetic nature of this color. You can safely make a make-up with an emphasis on the lips. To do this, lipstick should be matched to the outfit (or slightly different). In this case, cosmetic products of a cherry shade, red and, of course, burgundy are perfect. For evening make-up, this is the best option.

In the daytime version, it is better not to highlight the lips, otherwise the image will turn out to be too flashy. You can use a colorless gloss or lipstick in natural and pastel shades as a means for lips.

The color palette for the eyelids is selected depending on the tone of the skin, hair, eyes. The latter, with the help of the correct shadows, can be easily emphasized and highlighted. However, there are also colors that are ideal for both brown-eyed and light-eyed beauties in a burgundy outfit. These are shades of beige, golden and brown. For a brunette with blue eyes, you can choose a bold version with pink-raspberry shadows as an evening make-up.

A universal blush for all fashionistas in burgundy – bronze. They highlight the cheekbones beautifully, highlighting the natural beauty of the curves of the lines.

Step-by-step instruction

An evening make-up for brunettes in a burgundy dress can be done on your own without contacting professional makeup artists. It is worth disassembling an option suitable for brown eyes. Before starting work, the skin of the eyelids should be degreased so that the makeup lasts longer and fits better. Then apply an eyelid primer. It will smooth the skin, moisturize it, make the color of the shadows brighter and more saturated, prevent them from rolling and huddling in folds and corners.

For work, you will need white matte shadows, black eyeliner, dark gray and dark red or burgundy shadows, as well as black mascara. First, apply white shadows on the movable eyelid (upper and under the eyebrow). Then draw in the upper and lower eyelids (near the eyelashes) with a black pencil. Elongate the eye and emphasize with an arrow in the outer corner, extending from the upper and lower eyelids. Blend the arrow into a volume, and apply dark gray shadows to the outer corner and crease line of the upper eyelid.

Blend all this well so that there are no abrupt transitions between color and texture. Dark red shadows are applied from above at the very last moment, on the outer part of the eyelid. The color is also shaded. Eyelashes, upper and lower, are painted over with black ink in several layers. Do not forget about the eyebrows: they should be voluminous and thick, clearly defined and colored.

Makeup for blonde

For blondes (as well as for fair-haired ones) there are nuances in choosing makeup for a burgundy dress. It is better to put emphasis on the eyes, it is also worth highlighting them additionally. This can be done using black eyeliner or pencil. In this case, the eyebrows can be left in their natural form, only by emphasizing their shape with a transparent fixing gel. Black eyeliner is applied to both the lower and upper eyelids.

White shimmery eyeliner (or shadows applied to the inner corners of the eyes) will help to make the look even more expressive. It is better for blondes to choose light pink (or another delicate color) as base shadows. Skin tone should be perfectly even. To hide redness and unevenness, as well as black circles under the eyes, be sure to use concealer. It is worth choosing blush and lipstick in natural shades, you can use a transparent gloss on the lips.

The accent can also be made on the lips – with the help of matte lipstick. In this case, the color of the lipstick should match the shade of the dress as much as possible. The lipstick should lie perfectly even, for this you need to use a special primer. Choose from a pink palette for a vibrant, healthy glow. On the eyes, you can use only pencil, ink and light shadows throughout the eyelid; the eyebrows should be as natural as possible.

Prom outfit

For such a special and exciting event, a burgundy dress is perfect. The graduate will look like a real queen of the evening in it and will outshine everyone with her mysterious and sophisticated image.

For a blonde mermaid with long hair, a deep red or wine dress to the floor is ideal – with a top made of mesh material. The outfit is decorated with an original belt. Make-up for such an image will be required with an emphasis on the eyes. In this case, even smoky eyes will do. The bright jet black look is sure to grab attention.

You will also need to emphasize and highlight the eyebrows. They should look wide, thick and voluminous. With this make-up, it is best to use blush and lipstick in natural tones, as close to natural as possible. Skin tone is evened out with a primer, foundation and concealer. The face should be perfectly flat and smooth.

A chic option for prom is a dress with lace. The sleeves and neckline are decorated with lace floral embroidery with rhinestones. For such a delicate, feminine, but passionate outfit, a bright make-up is suitable. Light skin, well-defined cheekbones, crimson or cherry lipstick and bronze eyeshadow.

For eye makeup, you can use two shades of bronze shimmery shadows: a lighter tone is applied closer to the inner corner of the eyelid, a dark one to the outer corner. Be sure to shade the makeup well so that there is no noticeable transition from one color to another. In this case, the eyebrows can be covered with a transparent gel so that they retain their natural look. Additional eyeliner is not required. Black mascara with a curling effect is applied to the eyelashes.

Secrets from the pros

A few simple tricks from professional makeup artists will help you create the perfect look when choosing a burgundy dress:

  • The shade of lipstick should be as close as possible to the color of the outfit. Ideally, lips and dress should be the same color.
  • The burgundy dress is very effective and noticeable, so all eyes will be on you. In this case, the makeup should be perfect, without a single flaw. The development of world cosmetic brands should be used as much as possible – make-up base, foundation, concealer, primer (not only for the face, but also for the eyelids, lips, eyelashes and eyebrows).
  • Don’t forget about your hair. It should be in harmony with the image.
  • Shimmery and pearlescent shadows are well suited for blondes. You can take pink ones as a base.
  • Owners of light brown hair should pay attention to brown mascara. Choose a blush with a shine effect.
  • Brunettes should emphasize their cheekbones (with a peach blush or highlighter).
  • Brown, gold and beige shades of shadows combined with black arrows will suit red-haired beauties.
  • You can apply some highlighter under the brow line. This will “open” the look, make it more expressive.

How to make makeup under a burgundy dress, see the next video.


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