Makeup for a pink dress

Makeup for a pink dress

In the wardrobe of every fashionista there is at least one pink dress. And many beauties completely rely on this color and choose dresses in the style of baby dolls and pink shades. Pink suits all girls, regardless of hair, eye and skin color. But what kind of makeup to choose in order to emphasize all your advantages and outfit is a mystery for many.


We can safely say that a one-time color of an outfit and its use in make-up refreshes the skin, makes it more attractive. It seems that the addiction to pink shades in girls has been formed since childhood, because there are so few ladies in the world who categorically refuse this color.

Today there are a lot of shades of pink, with their help you can favorably highlight your image. But it’s important to combine your pink outfit with the right makeup.

Make up for a pink dress most often performed in moderate and natural shades. It should not be too bright and oversaturated image, but only harmoniously complementing it.

An important feature when creating makeup under a pink dress is the perfect face tone, so it is better not to save on tonal means.

When using eyeshadow to match your dress do not forget that they must complement each other perfectly. Contradictory and acidic colors are unlikely to play into your hands.

Blush under a pink dress should be gentle and discreet. It is very important that the makeup comes out with a natural blush. You can of course highlight your cheekbones, but don’t go overboard with crisp lines.

In makeup under a pink outfit, it is appropriate to use highlighters.that will give the face a light glow and highlight its dignity.

If you’ve never sculpted a face before, be careful… It, of course, will not spoil the pink color, but you can quite get the mask effect.

Blond beauties and ladies with fair hair and fair skin it is recommended to use a foundation that is lighter than skin tone. In this way, a very successful porcelain effect can be created. But for beauties with a noble tan and dark skin, it is quite possible to purchase a foundation one tone darker, moreover, it will be very beneficial to use bronzing powders with a warm shine.

Be careful with metallic and bronze shades of eyeshadow, they will be appropriate only if the dress has a metal accessory or they can be favorably combined with various decorations. In this case, when creating such a make-up, it is necessary to think over all the details of the image.

Pink dresses are very different, from different fabrics and the most unusual styles. They can be ceremonial, graduation, flowing evening, strict office or light for every day.

At the same time, makeup under them cannot be universal, because each occasion requires its own accents in makeup, and one simply cannot ignore this.


So, in order to favorably emphasize the dignity of your face at one or another event or in everyday life, we recommend that you consider the main types of makeup for a pink outfit.

Day. It is best to do this makeup in moderate shades. It is perfect for work, family dinner or walking with friends on a warm spring day. The main thing in it is to preserve naturalness and at the same time skillfully hide all the flaws. In such a make-up, you should achieve perfect, velvety skin of the face, since in the daytime all the flaws are especially visible on it. To a warm pink the outfit is best suited for delicate apricot shades of blush, cream, peach and coral. The choice between matte or glitter blush is yours. Shadows can be chosen from a nude or cold palette of shades. Combinations of eyeshadows with pink and gray will look great. When performing a cold make-up using pale pink or delicate shades of eyeshadow, be sure to complement them with thin French arrows so that the makeup does not look inconspicuous. Choose your lipstick based on the brightness of your eyes. If you focus on the eyes, then paint your lips with a transparent gloss or creamy lipstick. And if you painted your eyes with barely visible shadows and slightly refreshed your eyelashes, then you should choose a contrasting lipstick, it will go well with a pink dress.

Evening make-up under a pink dress assumes to be bolder than his daytime companion. Here you can give free rein to your imagination and imagination and not be afraid to make bright accents. At the same time, do not forget that it is better to highlight one thing – either the eyes or the lips. Ignoring this rule, you run the risk of getting a defiant make. An evening look with a pink dress also suggests the perfect complexion and the right blush. It is also a big plus that in the evening you can not be afraid to experiment with glitter.

For example, blush with shine, highlighters or bronzers, as well as satin eyeshadow with iridescence or pearlescent options are great solutions. Accents in the corners of the eyes can be set with a glitter pigment in the shade you want, for example, silver or gold. Eyelashes should be made lush and voluminous, with a piquant bend. If you decide to use fake tufts, then don’t forget to curl your lashes. As for lipstick, you can choose it to match the dress, but then do minimal eye makeup. Evening make-ups under a pink dress can be complemented by elegant arrows that make the look more expressive. All these nuances you can take into account for your prom makeup.

Make-up for blondes. It is very important for blond beauties in a pink dress with a light skin tone not to make their makeup too pale, otherwise the image may be lost. For blondes, it is best to choose tonal products with a pale pink or peach undertone. Matte shadows in pastel shades are perfect for the eyes. Lips of a delicate shade will be an excellent complement to the look.


Makeup for passionate brunettes. For dark-haired beauties, especially those with a light tan, it is recommended to choose a foundation that is a tone darker or a tone to match the face, if you are afraid of the “wrong” result. For brunettes, the classic black “smokey” is ideal for a hot pink dress, or a colored “smokey ice” for a pale pink one. Arrows, thickly colored eyelashes and perfect eyebrows are a great addition to your makeup. Brown-haired women can also take into account these features of a make-up for a pink outfit.

How to apply correctly?

When performing makeup under a pink dress at home, we recommend that you pay attention to the following step-by-step instructions.

Since a pink dress requires the perfect complexion, it is very important to take proper care of it. Also, do not forget about visits to the beautician, because at home it is not always possible to completely cleanse the skin, as a result of which our face often accumulates pollution.

On a pre-prepared face apply moisturizing cream, let it absorb.

Next, spread the makeup base over your face., it will help prolong the “life” of your foundation and evens out your face. If necessary, mask imperfections with a corrector. Pay special attention to dark circles under the eyes, they should not be visible.

Apply foundation, you can fix it with powder. It can be matte or with a subtle shine.

Accentuate the natural glow with a gentle shade of blush. Try not to choose dark beige shades.

Shape your eyebrows in a way convenient for youby simply combing them or correcting them with special shadows and a pencil.

When doing eye makeup, whether it is complex or monochromaticfullness, try to make smooth transitions between colors.

Eyelashes should be dyed based on your outfit. For a doll look and a mini dress in pink, it is best to have lush and voluminous eyelashes, or to emphasize the length and separation.

Choosing a shade for lips follows from the saturation of eye makeup…. If your eyes are bright – give preference to neutral and natural lipstick and, of course, vice versa. Also, the use of glitters and tints can be an excellent solution.

How to choose cosmetics?

If your dress is dusty pink or dirty pink, focus on the expressiveness of the eyes. An excellent option would be to draw them in with a black pencil and shade them.

Girls with glasses under a pink dress are better off focusing on the lips, and the eyes can be made up in natural shades, the emphasis can be made on divided and elongated eyelashes.

Be careful with the choice of the same colors in the dress and makeup, they can oversaturate the image. If you have a bright pink outfit, for example, a coral dress, then it is better not to choose saturated lipstick colors for it.

The pink color in every possible way emphasizes all the flaws, whether it be a face or a body, so if you have any complexes, it is better to get yourself in shape first.

If you want to create an airy and delicate image of a young girl, do not be afraid to use pink blush and pink lipstick at the same time. Most often it looks advantageous.

Don’t be afraid to use more glitter for unusual party looks. and highlight the eyes with glitter pigments.

If you are not sure which make up to choose for your outfit, we recommend taking a closer look at the images of famous celebrities, because celebrity makeup artists always know what is worth emphasizing.

Dark-haired beauties you can be inspired by the image of a luxurious Irina Shayk in a hot pink dress, where she minimized makeup, making it as natural as possible.

Blond Rosie Huntington-Whiteley She is not afraid to add contrast to her pale pink outfit, while using lipstick in a bright wine shade, but she complements bright pink dresses with moderate makeup, focusing on the eyes.


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