Makeup for dark hair and green eyes

Makeup for dark hair and green eyes

Any representative of the fair sex, no matter what color of hair and skin she has, wants to have flawless and beautiful makeup. But in order to achieve this, sometimes you have to make considerable efforts, and in addition, take into account the peculiarities of your appearance. In this article, we will talk in more detail about which make-ups are in perfect harmony with green eyes and dark hair, we will share detailed instructions for applying such make-ups and, of course, the secrets of makeup artists.


It would seem that there is nothing difficult in just applying makeup for the eyes and going where we need to. But there are also several nuances here. Many ladies are very diligent in choosing shades for eyes and lips, sometimes forgetting about the right combination and accents. As a result, make-up is not always successful. In order to avoid such mistakes, we recommend that you pay attention to the following points, which must be taken into account by green-eyed ladies with dark hair color.

  • Make your skin tone perfectly even. All acne, age spots, dark circles under the eyes and redness on the face should be masked as much as possible. Do not be afraid to use correctors for this.
  • Do not do it at the same time bright and dark eye makeup using a very rich lipstick, for example, black or brick color. Combinations like these will most likely make you a dark-haired rock lover. But if the occasion requires it, then why not.
  • Don’t be afraid to use green eyeshadows in a variety of shades to enhance your green, gray-green or brown-green eyes. But be careful with acidic and neon shades.
  • Don’t forget your eyebrows. They shouldn’t be very different from your hair color. In addition, they should have a certain shape and be stacked, and not stick out in all directions.
  • If you are going to prom or you need a wedding make-up, it is best to seek the help of a professional makeup artist. After all, he will definitely easily make the right makeup for you, hide all the imperfections on the face, make your dream makeup come true and emphasize the natural beauty.

Dark hair is an ambiguous concept. All girls are different and even shades of dark hair can be the most unusual. This is called individuality, which every woman learns to emphasize over the years.

Do not forget that makeup for green-eyed ladies with dark hair is not everything, such a make-up should also very well harmonize with the image and suit the occasion where you are doing it.

For green-eyed brunettes

The memorable and enchanting combination of dark hair and green eyes simply cannot fail to attract a lot of attention. The first thing to focus on is a perfectly even complexion. Dark hair always sets off the skin, which is why it needs to be flawless. For brunettes with fair skin, it is best to choose tonal means to match the face, but for tanned and dark-skinned girls, you can take a closer look at bronzing powders or foundation a tone higher.

Choose a blush based on your complexion. Pale girls should slightly refresh their cheeks with peach or beige shades. You can choose options with a small shimmer. But for ladies with a delicate tan, you can apply more intense shades or highlight the cheekbones.

To highlight all the advantages of your beauty, for eye makeup, you can choose the classic «Smoky eyes» in black, it will make the eyes as expressive as possible. Alternatively, you can create an unusual color make-up using, for example, shimmery green eyeshadow combined with chocolate and black. All these shades are in perfect harmony with the black and charcoal French hands. Do not forget to make smooth transitions between shades. This makeup will look great at any celebration or party.

It is also a good idea to use a black pencil or liner that can be used to completely circle the eyes, with shadows best used in a neutral color scheme and letting the black of the pencil take over as the main accent.

When choosing a daytime make up, brunettes should not think too much. The perfect face tone, evenly defined eyebrows, French arrows and several times dyed eyelashes are exactly what you need.

You can paint your lips as you like. For evening make-up, of course, it will be useful to use bright lipsticks. For example, red, scarlet or coral. But even during the day, red lipstick will not hurt such girls, but then minimize the make-up of the eyes, they should not attract much attention.

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For brown-haired women with green eyes, there is no one universal makeup that will go equally well for the day and for the evening. To maximize all the advantages of your face, take care of an even skin tone without any flaws. Highlighters can be used for a natural glow, but don’t overdo it. Blush for such ladies can be chosen in a warm range, peach and pink options will look great.

Equally good for the day and for the evening, all shades of purple shadows are suitable for brown-haired women. But do not forget that very rich variants of lilac or lilac, as well as with shine, are best left for the evening. With the help of such colors with the addition of gray or black, make-up artists very often make wedding make-up for green-eyed brown-haired women.

For everyday makeup to work in the office or go out with the family, it is best to use pastel and nude eye shades. For example, cream, coffee, peach and beige options. Their combinations with elegant black-and-carbon arrows and lush eyelashes will look great. If the eyes are made in a delicate range of nude, then give preference to a brighter lipstick.

For an evening out, brown-haired women should take a closer look at a variety of shades of brown. A great option would be to create a colored “smoky ice” in a chocolate design. You can complement it with black arrows or gold accents at the corners of the eyes.

Makeup artist tips

Whatever makeup you choose – natural, bright evening, winter or summer, we recommend that you pay attention to the following step-by-step instructions that will help you make any make-up at home:

  • In the first step, cleanse your face… Apply cream.
  • Next, apply the primer over the face. is the same as the base for make up.
  • Correct any imperfections using concealer. Lighten dark circles under the eyes, hide age spots, acne marks.
  • Apply foundationstarting from the center of the face. You can use a special brush, sponge or apply in a standard way using your fingertips.
  • Accentuate the blush or highlight the definition of the cheekbones with blush or bronzer.
  • Apply your chosen eye makeup… Classic: Apply a basic shade of eyeshadow, such as nude, or mix the two and complement everything with black or brown arrows. Or do Smokey Ice. Such a make-up requires careful shading of the shade both on the upper and lower eyelids.
  • If you chose “smokey ice”then draw up the inner lower eyelids with a black, waterproof pencil.
  • Apply lipstick or lip gloss… Choose a shade based on the make-up of the eyes. If it is very bright, opt for a neutral lipstick.

How to do makeup for dark hair and green eyes, see the next video.


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