Makeup for green eyes and blonde hair

Green-eyed girls have always attracted the attention of the opposite sex, as there is something enchanting and mysterious in their gaze. Do such beauties, as a rule? blonde hair, although there are redheads or brunettes. The image of a blonde with green eyes or a girl with light brown strands is very gentle and cozy in itself, so when choosing a makeup, it is important not to overdo it with bright colors, while maintaining sophistication and individuality.

We will tell you what makeup for green eyes and blond hair is considered the most suitable.

Features of makeup for green eyes and blonde hair

When choosing a particular makeup technique, it is important to combine colors correctly so that emphasize natural beauty beauty, not mask it. For example, green eyes require a fairly limited number of shades of shadows. Shadows for green eyes and blonde hair, which will be relevant for day or evening make-up, are on the color wheel next to the shades of green and opposite.

These include: yellow, blue, fuchsia, purple, red orange. Unsuitable shades of eyeshadow for green eyes and blonde hair – blue, dark purple, mustard, brick, pink.

Girls with green eyes and blond hair are suitable for shades of shadows adjacent to green and opposite ones.


Girls with green eyes and blonde hair should focus on the eyes when applying daytime makeup. This is usually done using light shadows and black or brown mascara. In rare cases, light daytime makeup is complemented with arrows.

Nude makeup for green eyes and blond hair is not the best idea, since a girl with such an appearance needs at least some accent on her face, unlike redheadswho can afford not to dye at all due to fiery hair and freckles on their face.

Light daily makeup for every day for green eyes is best done without abrupt transitions using suitable shades of eyeshadow and brushes… It is beige, green, blue, peach, sand. You can highlight the outer corner of the eye with a brown pencil. Cheekbones with peach blush and cream highlighter.

Matching lipstick color for daytime make-up with green eyes and blond hair – brown, peach, pink. The main thing is that the chosen color is warm, otherwise you can get the effect of frozen lips.

Makeup for green eyes for every day in stages (photo with a description of the actions):

Light daytime makeup for green eyes

To repeat the selected daytime makeup for green eyes, you need an eyeshadow palette with the following shades: sand, beige, brown pearlescent, emerald.

  1. Apply a beige shade to the movable eyelid, almost identical to the skin color;
  2. Brown a few millimeters higher;
  3. Light shadows – on the inner corner of the eyes;
  4. Emerald shade in the center close to the eyelashes;
  5. We paint over the cilia with mascara for volume.


Daytime makeup for green eyes is always easy enough to transform into an evening one, adding arrows and changing the nude neutral lipstick to a brighter and more juicy one. For example, berry shades, scarlet, raspberry.

Simple evening makeup for green eyes

On the movable eyelid, alternately applies brown shadows. Lighter shade, closer to the lashes. Darker – per fold.

  1. We draw the lower eyelid in a golden brown shade with sparkles;
  2. On the inner corner of the eye – a beige pearl color;
  3. Draw the arrows with a special brush with a beveled edge and highlight the inner corner of the eye with eyeliner;
  4. We glue false eyelashes;
  5. We paint over the lower eyelashes with mascara.


Whenever there is a festive event, it is worth doing bright makeup for green eyes and blonde hair. Makeup artists in such a situation recommend choosing shades of a bright color, but abandoning complex makeup techniques. It is enough to carefully highlight the movable eyelid with the selected shadow color and paint over the eyelashes abundantly with mascara for volume and lengthening.

Festive makeup for green eyes

  1. Paint over with a black pencil a strip from the outer corner of the eye to the inner one;
  2. Slightly shade with a pencil brush;
  3. We apply emerald shadows on a black pencil, drawing a neat corner;
  4. Highlight the inner corner of the eye with a light shade;
  5. We paint the upper and lower eyelashes with mascara.

For such a festive eye make-up, both bright lipstick and nude are suitable. Do not forget to highlight the cheekbones and the cupid arch (dimple above the upper lip) with a highlighter.


For a party, you usually need dark makeup. In this case, it is allowed to highlight not only green eyes, but also lips. True, contouring is no longer relevant, so there is no need to highlight the cheekbones, nose, chin. It is enough to even out the tone and mask problem areas of the skin.

Beautiful makeup for green eyes

To repeat the make-up from the photo, follow the steps:

  1. Highlight the fold with reddish brown;
  2. Apply a dark brown color below, shading the outer corner of the eye and the lower eyelid to the middle;
  3. Emerald shadows on the central part of the movable eyelid;
  4. On the inner corner – a light pearlescent shade;
  5. Use mascara for volume.

Light makeup for green eyes step by step

Light delicate makeup is suitable for going to work and for a romantic date that takes place during the day. The most suitable shades of eyeshadow for daytime makeup to highlight green eyes – brown, beige, ivory.

Light makeup for green eyes

  1. Apply a brown pearlescent shade to the outer corner of the eye;
  2. Then beige shiny;
  3. Now the lightest is ivory;
  4. Define your brows with a pencil and hold gel;
  5. Color your eyelashes.

Examples of makeup for green eyes and blonde hair

Women and girls with a greenish tinge of eyes can experiment with makeup, because they are suitable for different techniques and colors. The main thing to remember is that during the day it is better to choose light options, and in the evening or on a holiday – dark ones.

Bright eyes and bright lips are a very aggressive makeup for this type of appearance, so make-up artists recommend highlighting one thing: either the eyes or the lips. See photo ideas and get inspired!


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