Makeup for green eyes and dark hair: nuances, subtleties, photo ideas

Green eyes and dark hair color are rare. It is much more common to see a woman with green eyes and blonde or red hair. You can emphasize such an unusual beauty with the right makeup. To do this, we propose to consider the subtleties and nuances of makeup for green eyes and dark hair.

The subtleties of makeup for brown-haired women with green eyes

Makeup for green eyes and dark hair is important to choose, taking into account the saturation of the eyes themselves. The haircut is also important. For example, makeup for green eyes and dark short hair under the bob is best done with emphasis on the eyes. But for long-haired beauties it is recommended to highlight lips.

So, there are some important tips:

  • If the shade of the eyes is pale, closer to gray-green, it is recommended to choose matte shades of natural shades for everyday makeup: beige, brown.
  • If there are yellow-brown blotches, it is not recommended to choose shadows that are darker than them;
  • If the eyes are in a saturated shade, you should avoid bright blue shadows.

There are a number of makeup secrets that will help brown-haired and brunettes with green eyes look gorgeous:

  • Make-up using the nude technique should be performed with colored eyelashes so that the eyes do not “disappear”;
  • For smokey eyes, it is better to choose not a black palette of shadows, but the color of your hair: brown, chestnut. Green smokey also looks good on brunettes with the same eye color;
  • The foundation should be selected as carefully as possible. It is recommended to avoid pink shades;
  • Eyebrows should be tinted with shadows or pencils one tone lighter than hair.

These are the main nuances that girls and women need to consider when applying makeup, regardless of whether it’s daytime, evening, wedding or festive.

Makeup for dark hair and green eyes

When applying makeup for girls with dark hair and light shade of eyes (green, gray-green), it is necessary first of all to take into account the condition and shade of their own skin. It’s also important to remember that the eyebrows don’t have to be the center of the universe, so you don’t need to bring them to the fore.

Perfectly highlighted eyebrows with shadows this season are anti-trend. It is fashionable to lightly tint the eyebrows and comb the hairs up with the fixing gel.

We select shadows

Shadows for green eyes and dark hair must be selected depending on the time of day. For daytime makeup fit:

  • matte shades: brown, beige, peach;
  • pearlescent shades: gold, ivory, powdery, red-brown, beige-brown.

For evening or festive makeup for green-eyed ladies with dark or even black hair, suitable:

  • brown, beige;
  • emerald green, blue-green;
  • gold, sand, brick.

Only as a supplement, it is recommended to use shades of purple, red, orange. It is not fashionable to completely cover the movable eyelid with them.

Base and foundation

Makeup for brown-haired women with green eyes will be successful, provided the correct foundation is chosen. Check the shade on the neck or wrist. Experts recommend avoiding creams with a pink pallet.

The first step in applying any makeup is to cleanse the skin. This is followed by moisturizing and leveling the tone. This requires a make-up base. For daytime, you can not use it, but the evening make-up must be performed in compliance with all stages. This will achieve the most persistent and flawless result.

After preparing the skin for makeup and applying foundation, tint the eyebrows and then apply the shadow. Blush, highlighter, lipstick are applied last.

Arrows and eyelashes

Girls with green eyes and dark hair are especially suited for arrows. For daytime makeup, it is recommended to use a brown pencil or eyeliner, and evening makeup can be done in black. Colored arrows are also trending now. They are applied to the eyes with a gel eyeliner. Yellow, green, brown, red, purple-blue arrows are suitable for green-eyed brown-haired women. Try this very trendy makeup idea for summer.

As for mascara, black and brown are suitable for owners of green eyes and dark hair. But the color is better to put aside. With her, the look can lose its expressiveness and charm (the exception is fashionable colored eyelash extensions).

Lipstick, gloss

Green-eyed brown-haired women, brunettes, owners of black hair can afford almost any lipstick color. But stylists recommend alternating accents:

  • If there is a dark smokey ice in front of our eyes, we paint our lips with nude lipstick;
  • If the eye makeup is light, choose a juicy scarlet, red, eggplant shade of lipstick.

Examples of makeup for green eyes and dark hair

To understand how best to paint green-eyed brown-haired women, it is better to consider photo examples, which make it clear what shades of shadows to use, how to apply a tone under makeup and how long to draw arrows.


Light makeup for green eyes is recommended to be done during the day to work, to university, for a walk, etc. Also, it is light shadows that make-up artists advise to combine with bright lipstick, since one bright accent is enough for owners of green eyes and dark hair.

There are some trendy daytime makeup tricks for green eyes and dark hair. Let’s consider everything.

Today, one of the most popular types of makeup for green-eyed brown-haired women or brunettes who have decided to conquer everyone with their beauty during the day is in brown tones… Mainly used pearlescent shadows and black ink. Arrows are drawn in brown pencil. The lower eyelid is emphasized in a lighter tone. On the lips, brown or nude lipstick.

Another trendy makeup for green eyes and dark hair – pink smokey ice… Shadows of a gray-pink shade, peach, dusty rose are used. You don’t need to paint your eyelashes, but it is recommended to highlight the cheekbones with a warm shade of blush.

Painted eyelashes – an excellent solution for simple daytime makeup if your eyes are green and your hair is dark. You can supplement your everyday make-up with arrows, but it’s better to use brown, not black, eyeliner for this.


Dark makeup for green eyes is suitable for an evening out, going to the movies, going to a restaurant, or going to a party with friends. Evening makeup can be done using different techniques, but the most popular are smoky ice and colored arrows.

Smokey ice for green eyes it is fashionable to perform in green tones. Various shades of green eyeshadow are used to highlight the inner and outer corners of the eyes.

Colored arrows green, gold, purple colors are harmoniously combined with extended or false eyelashes.

The right eye shadow for green eyes and dark hair – purple… We apply it in the middle of the movable eyelid and stretch it with a brush to the outer corner of the eye. Complementing with gold, beige, white shade of shadows.

Another option for beautiful evening makeup for black hair and green eyes is to use dark pencil… We draw arrows for them and shade with a brush. We paint the eyelashes with black mascara, and the lips with natural lipstick. Bright tone is not needed here.


Luscious makeup for green eyes

Green-eyed girls with dark hair are a rather rare combination, so the owners of such an appearance are considered very bright and creative personalities. To emphasize your own individuality, makeup artists recommend paying attention to dark shades for daytime makeup. This is the whole brown palette. And perform evening make-up using bright colors – black, green, blue, purple.


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