Makeup setting mist: this refreshing new beauty gesture for summer

Do you love to wear makeup? Yet your makeup can move between when you do it and the rest of the day or night. This effect is exacerbated in the summer as temperatures rise and make you sweat more. Result: the radiance and intensity of your make-up changes. In addition, during the summer season, our desire for freshness is greater. The solution might be to adopt a new beauty gesture in your summer routine. Do you know the brumes make-up ? There are several types. First, those that are used to fix makeup, so that it can last all day, or all night. But that’s not all, because there are others that have a completely different purpose. Mists are flourishing on the cosmetics market, and are establishing themselves as a new beauty gesture at the top for the summer.

Makeup mist: what is it?

A mist is a liquid product in the form of a spray. It can have several objectives and actions. First, there are so-called “fixing” mists. Their goal ? Grip the make-up, so that it holds as long as possible. There are also others mists, which hydrate the skin and refresh it and sometimes even, protect it from pollution. They can be used throughout the day to provide sparkle. Practice !

Makeup mist: why and how to use it?

It all depends on the product you choose. If your goal is to fix makeup, so spray it before applying the foundation, as if it were a base, and repeat the gesture once the make-up is finished. If your goal is to stay fresh and hydrated throughout the day, then your best bet is to choose a moisturizing mist. At any time, it vaporizes about thirty centimeters from the face. It will allow the skin to be more supple, and more radiant instantly. Last little tip: place your product in the refrigerator before taking it in your bag, for a guaranteed fresh effect during use. In addition, their smell can be varied. Do you like sweet scents? Then, the monoi or coconut scent mists are ideal for you. If you prefer fresher smells, then flowery products are perfect. Are you going to embrace the mists?



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