Makeup yourself for your wedding : real solution or false good idea ?

For a question of budget, or because they are afraid of a result that does not look like, many brides decide not to hire a professional the day J. The taking of risk is reasonable ? We made the point with the make-up artist Billy & Clyde.

The makeup comes as one of the key points of the preparation of the bride-to-be. Among the expectations : a result that is natural but sublime, and, above all, which is resistant to a day rich in emotions, between tears and temperatures that can harm the foundation. And yet, many of them to forego the services of a professional for a beauty DIY.

The reasons for this choice are manifold : the budget often, but also the fear not to recognize. “Most women who contact me do make up and not much in daily life. They are often anxious because they fear an outcome that does not look like. But if we find the good professional, he will be able to play on the strengths while respecting the desires of her client,” explains the make-up artist Billy and Clyde who took care of the beauty of brides for the past three years in Lyon and everywhere where it is seeking.

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If the fear of a metamorphosis too radical is too strong, the solution to manage self-this part may seem attractive. But beware, you must prepare for it. And do not hesitate to seek a third person of confidence, if we do not feel ready to do so, or if the stress can seriously complicate the task. “If we don’t have the habit of putting on make-up or if you do not feel comfortable, it is better to identify a relative who will be responsible for them,” explains the professional. In all cases, we respect the step that every makeup artist will offer and we made one or more upstream testing.

There are also classes to do solo or duo to learn the good gestures and identify the best products to use. “This may prove to be very useful. After that, if you have a foundation which we met in daily life, we will invest instead on a mascara waterproof, a highlighter for work in light or even an eyeshadow…” In summary, we focus on what we will add to the usual routine. Technical Question, the make-up artist and hairdresser insists on the importance ofhydration of the skin for a bound copy, a good base with a background of complexion even if it is lightweight, a touch of anticerne and powder mattifying.

The mistakes to avoid

But that said professional, technical and experience that you cannot acquire in a lesson of two hours and a few tests. We will therefore be careful not to fall into the pitfalls of the special make-up D-Day. To start with the tanning. “We avoid obviously the UV but it also accepts her white skin, if it has not had time to expose a few weeks. It can also be very nice.” We will thus avoid the self tanner at risk of being left with traces of orange unsightly and especially a transfer material on the dress with the sweat. “Be careful also to not to accentuate the rendering to the photos. It must remain natural.”

One thinks also of the small details that can make the difference. As to sublimate the skin if you’re wearing a dress dos-nu. “We have to forget the foundation that spot unless one wants to hide a small button or a scar and you opt for a dry oil and sequined by example.” Tips of pro to note carefully not to regret the day J.


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