Malnutrition is harmful not only to health, but also to beauty

Losing weight for an important event, quickly regaining good shape, without much effort to remove a few pounds is a direct path to a strict diet or even starvation. Encouraged by the quick results, people are malnourished for weeks, not thinking how dangerous this path is. Long-term malnutrition is harmful to health and beauty. How dangerous are strict diets?

Malnutrition is a generic term for malnutrition. May be the result of many reasons (poverty, diseases of the NA or gastrointestinal tract, diet, the same type of products). And in our rather prosperous time, it became the result of a total striving for beauty and harmony. In pursuit of kilograms, women forget about health, bringing themselves to a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. The body’s reserves are insufficient for extreme experiments. Especially often teenagers and young girls torment themselves with starvation, for whom it is especially dangerous because of the period of active growth.

Exhaustion symptoms

There are a number of simple signs that malnutrition has reached critical levels:

  • lethargy, weakness, drowsiness, lack of strength and desires, sadness or depression;
  • thinness, inharmonious physique, in particularly severe cases, puffiness;
  • hair loss, dryness and peeling of the skin, cracked lips, violation of the microflora of the mucous membranes;
  • poor blood counts, especially hemoglobin, hormonal surges, cycle disorders, soreness and difficult recovery from wounds, infections.

When, as a result of an unbalanced diet, a lack of a certain vitamin occurs, the disease manifests itself more specifically, as vitamin deficiency (scurvy, pellagra, etc.). With protein starvation, symptoms of dystrophy, kwashiorkor, and the like appear.

The harm of malnutrition to beauty

What happens to the body in the mode of a minimum of incoming resources and the saving of existing reserves, radically affects human health. But even before the illnesses begin, beauty begins to fade.

The first thing that will affect the lack of certain vitamins, minerals or lipids will be the skin. Not just pallor and a gray tint, but also a weak tone and drying out – useful substances are distributed among more important internal organs, leaving nothing for the skin, and even taking part of the reserves from it. Because of this, wrinkles quickly appear on the face, near the eyes, in the corners of the mouth. As a result, the face will age by several years.

The shine of the eyes disappears, the skin on the lips cracks, the appetizing bulges disappear – the lips, the cheeks sink, the cheekbones are sharply outlined, which is especially noticeable against the background of the faded skin of the face. Blue circles appear, and if the destruction has already reached the kidneys – puffy bags under the eyes.

Hair quickly responds to nutrient restriction – as soon as vitamin deficiency appears in the body, hair begins to fall out intensively. In addition, the hairs lose their shine, the ends begin to split, look “lifeless”, more like tow or a bunch of straw. Teeth crumble, and nails flake, white dots and stripes appear.

When the deficiency affects the endocrine system, a rash will appear all over the body, from small white and black spots on the face, to purulent if the skin becomes oily.

Low skin and muscle tone leads to the fact that the body does not look taut, but more like a skeleton with rags of muscles and skin hanging on it. Due to fatigue and powerlessness, the shoulders are lowered, the back is hunched over, and there is not enough strength for a beautiful gait. In general, an emaciated person looks pitiful, and causes a desire to feed, regret.

Therefore, having reached the long-awaited weight by hunger strikes, girls are not always happy with the final effect, and sometimes they do not have the strength to do so.

Dangerous processes for health and life

A deficiency of nutrients, useful substances leads to their uneven distribution – from less important organs and systems (in terms of vital activity) to irreplaceable ones:

  • blood composition remains stable from other sources;
  • heart and brain remain with the same mass;
  • protein is taken from the muscles (up to 65% can go away) – lethargy, loose muscles, like in old people;
  • fats, carbohydrates from the liver (up to fatty degeneration during a hunger strike, and after the restoration of the diet, fats are fused into the liver, leading to organ obesity or hepatitis);
  • the body begins to urgently raise the level of cholesterol in the blood, which leads to the formation of stones in the gallbladder;
  • due to a lack of nutrients, the skin becomes inelastic, soft, flabby, hanging in flaps, stretch marks appear;
  • the endocrine glands stop working, giving a meager flow of nutrition to the brain and heart – the ovaries are depleted, up to infertility, amenorrhea, thyroid indicators jump (T3, TSH), pancreatic malfunction, sugar levels jump, diabetes may develop;
  • due to the small amount of fiber and fat, the intestines do not work well – constipation appears, and as a result – constant discomfort, oily skin of the face, rash all over the body, bad breath, and other consequences;
  • head problems: dizziness, depression, insomnia, mood swings, plus other indirect signs of a lack of nutrients;
  • minerals leave bones, hair and nails – frequent fractures, hair turns into tow, and nails constantly crumble.

It is very dangerous that a number of symptoms appear after a long time from the beginning of fasting. When a problem becomes noticeable, irreversible damage to organs and systems has already occurred in the body.

Pathology as a result of starvation

As a result of prolonged malnutrition, pathological processes in the body are triggered.

Protein is actively consumed, even if it is not supplied enough. And if fasting is too long, it will be difficult to regain the former muscle mass.

With a lack of important amino acids, the growth and gain of muscle mass stops during the active development of a young body. But with the normalization of nutrition, amino acid reserves are restored.

The lack of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus is manifested in the form of fragility of bones, teeth – these phenomena are irreversible. Even if a sufficient amount of (Ca, P) is consumed in the future, it is impossible to return the skeletal system to its previous state. Malnutrition at a young age may develop rickets.

Even fats, which everyone reads as enemies, are needed for the full functioning of most systems. Some lipids are produced by the body on its own, while others come from outside. So, with a lack of fat, hormonal disruptions are observed, problems with conception and pregnancy appear.

5 principles of proper weight loss

In order not to harm health and beauty when reducing the nutritional value or portion size, you should adhere to 5 rules, combining sports with a diet:

  1. Weight loss should be physiologically safe – no more than 3 kg in 1 month. Then it is the fat that goes away, not water or muscle volume.
  2. Only a balanced menu: all 5 components of a nutritious diet.
  3. Food volume – at least 80% of the daily dose for a given age and load.
  4. Eating at least 5 times a day – small portions will allow you to be full all day, feel light, while losing weight imperceptibly.
  5. Breakfast and lunch are a must! The first will allow you to spend the day effectively, the second will give you the strength not to overeat in the evening.

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